Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Won’t Turn on After Charging Over Night (Easy fix)

Sometimes little damaged your mobile and don’t give a response on a charge over night, Touch on Screen, Installing and Deleting new apps and more. It’s not a big issue. Because we solve it easily. Some people assumed maybe overcharged and set time to turn off the mobile screen. But it’s not true while you using original charger.

In this article, we provide a solution to fix this kind of issue How to fix a Samsung Galaxy note 9 that suddenly went dead and won’t. But first, we assume that your mobile not damaged through oil, water, and other physical damage.
If any physical and liquid damage problem so please go mobile shop and check out by a technician, you know how to repair it.

How to fix Galaxy note 9 that won’t turn on after overheating charging.

Sometimes you assume it’s a very serious problem but mobile has physical and liquid damage, so you can fix issue  Note 9 Won’t turn after the battery dies.  So follow under Troubleshooting.

Solution 1: charger your Galaxy note 9 and force restart.

Step 1: plug your charger working wall outlet and use original charger.

Step 2: use the original data cable and original power after connecting your device to the charger.

Step 3: check your mobile screen charging sign showing or not. Mobile leave 15 minutes to charge.

Step 4: press and hold volume down button. Don’t release both buttons.

Step 5: now press and hold the power button and volume down button.

Step 6: continue held down  10 minutes both keys until simulate battery disconnect.

Solution 2: do the forced reboot.

press and hold the volume down button power button more than 10 seconds.
This both keys combination perform correctly so a Galaxy Note 9 will reboot and boots up. Do this process continue 2 times.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t give a response. So you may try this under solution.

Step 1: press and hold volume down button.

Step 2: don’t release the volume down button.

Step 3: now you can press the power button but don’t release volume down key.

Step 4: a couple of buttons and hold down for 10 seconds and the Samsung galaxy note 9 battery disconnect.

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