Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Microphone not working, to Quiet : Check Permission and More

most of the apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat to Facebook, Messages app and all others and Galaxy s10 mobile dictation use microphone. if there is a problem with the microphone not working on Galaxy S10 Plus/Galaxy S10, Let’s fix it. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus/S10 is an ingenious device at an affordable price. This device has gained a lot of popularity in the market, but the problem is that the microphone issues. Microphone issues are caused due to some software issues or due to some third-party app. Microphone issues can also be caused due to some hardware problems that occurred on your phone. today microphone has an important role, that gives hands-free access our mobile using a voice command or sends a message through voice memo.

If you wish to solve this problem on your own, then we will help you in solving the problem with this tutorial. Here in this tutorial, we will provide you some solutions by which you can solve your Microphone issues by yourself. Try out the answers below:

Fix the Microphone Problem on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

Microphone not working on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

Microphone not working on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10

Solution 1:  Check Apps Permission

If you have a microphone issue in a particular app, then this will be the best solution for you to solve your problem. Follow the steps given below to check the apps permission and solve your problem:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Open the Apps, and find the particular app in which you are facing the problem from the installed apps option.
Step 3: Now, you click on that particular app to open that app.
Step 4: Now go to Permissions.
Step 5: Now check that if the app has access to a microphone or not if not enable the permission to access the app to the microphone.

And at last, now you should clear the cache and data from the app. To remove unwanted data from the app, which is causing the problem.

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Solution 2: Force Close Samsung’s Bixby Assistant

Now you should forcibly close the Bixby assistant, because it may cause the microphone related issues on your device. Follow the steps given below to forcibly close the Samsung Bixby Assistant

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Go to Apps.
Step 3: Go to Bixby Assistant.
Step 4: Click on Bixby.
Step 5: Choose the Force Close option.
Step 6: Now Restart your device.

Now if this solution doesn’t work, you should clear the cache. For this, you should follow the same steps select the Clear Cache option instead of selecting Force Close option.

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Solution 3: Update the Firmware and Restart Device

Microphone issues are also caused when the firmware is not updated. So check the update and upgrade your device. Open the Settings < Software Update and click on the Download & Install option. And by this, your software is updated.
And to solve the microphone issues, you should restart your device. By this your all the problems will be answered.

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Solution 4: Factory Reset your Device

By doing the Factory Reset to your device your, all the problems will be solved. Follow the steps given below to do the factory reset on your device:

Step 1: Turn Off your device.
Step 2: Press and hold the Volume Up buttons, Bixby Key and Power Button Simultaneously.
Step 3: Release the Keys and Buttons when the android logo appears on the screen.
Step 4: Use the Volume Buttons to navigate and Power key to select the Option.
Step 5: Now select the Wipe Data option.
Step 6: And after that, select the Factory Data Reset option.
Step 7: Give the conformation.
Step 8: “Reboot System Now” message will pop-up on the screen. Select that option.

Now wait until the process to complete, and after completion, your device will work properly.

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Solution 5: Contact the Store

If any of the above resolutions don’t work, then there may be some hardware issues. And for solving this you should contact the store immediately as soon as possible, and by visiting the store, your problems will be answered.

Today’s time most of the smart device can we easy replace at a nearby store. No Question ask if the problem is big. otherwise, they can help in software issues if the above steps are okay on your Galaxy device.

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Solution 6: Clean Up all input Port, Microphone slot

Water-resistant Galaxy S10 Plus has to many input port and it’s layered with too many thin metal net. So use a dry soft brush to clean up microphone slot.

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