Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus/ Galaxy S10 can’t send SMS or text messages

Galaxy S10 cant send message

If your Samsung GalaxyS10 stops sending SMS or text messages suddenly don’t panic it ’s just a temporary problem. Don’t worry in this post I will provide you a solution for these. we will find a problem and then a solution to that. You can find a problem by reading previous problems if you face the same problem the solution will also be the same. For finding the problem you must read the problems mentioned by other uses. If you find the problem then you will easily get the solution if you are facing the same problem. Then to if you don’t get the solution or had some query then contact us by filling our Android issues questionnaire.

Troubleshooting tips on My Galaxy S10/ Galaxy S10 Plus can’t send the text message

Galaxy S10 cant send message

Galaxy S10 cant send message

FIRST SOLUTION: Force restarts your phone

If this problem is faced first time by you then firstly restart your phone. And you don’t need to worry about the unsent message it will remain as it is in your inbox.

Instead of normal restart force your phone to restart .for doing this press your volume key and power key simultaneously for 10 seconds or until the phone restart.

Mostly this process works but if it doesn’t work then try the second process.

SECOND SOLUTION: Try sending a message in safe mode

There are many situations in which the third party interfere with your phone. And when you do usual things to your phone the error occurs. If the problem is this try running your phone in safe mode to temporarily make disable all third-party applications. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press and hold the power key until the name of the model flashes on the screen
  3. When Samsung flashes on mobile release the key
  4. When you release the power key immediately, press and hold the volume key
  5. Continue holding the volume down key till the phone restarts

6. as you will do this safe mode will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, as it appears to release the volume key.

When this process is done then and while your phone is in this mode to check first send the message to your number then will able to if the message and received or not. if it received then the problem is of third-party application .after you this the real problem find the application and uninstall it immediately

THIRD SOLUTION: Make sure your phone is getting a good signal

When you want to make a call or send a message the important thing is the network. If there is no network there is no network you can’t perform the action of calling or if the messages are been not send then check the network at the top of screen in signal indicator this will tell you that does your phone has a good signal or not .if the signal is good then to your messages are not sent then just check the airplane icon  if it is enabled then all the wireless communication will not take just disable it .

If then also the messages are not sent then find the better solution.

FOURTH SOLUTION: Reset network settings

The process of texting is based on network .you should reset all your network settings so that they will come in their default value. If you has come with a plan then this is the most preferable method. Especially when the settings are been incorrect or deleted. follow the steps to do this:

  1. From the home swipe up on an empty spot to open apps tray
  2. Tap settings<general management<reset<reset settings
  3. Tap reset settings
  4. if you had set the pin then enter the pin
  5. Tap reset settings. Now it is completed, as this is completed confirmation window will be displayed

After this process is completed to check to send the message to your number. The problem will be solved but if it not solved then call your service provider.

FIFTH SOLUTION: Call service provider

When this type of problems arises your service provider can help you in a better way they know about the problem. they were is the in a network, in the account or anything else. If it is network issue they will provide u advice or will let you know that when the services will resume. If the issue is with the account they explain to you why the outgoing services are not working or what is the problem in sending messages. lastly, the representative has the solution to all problems by which the messages are not being sent.

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