Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On and Black Screen: Here’s Fix

Samsung Galaxy S10 Won’t Turn On and Black Screen: Here’s Fix

Samsung Galaxy S10 is flagship mobile. and here we talk about Samsung Galaxy S9 with Black Screen of Death issue. this problem is creat by a system crash, it occurs depend on how you operate your mobile and also how many application that you are running on your mobile. and yes guys! samsung galaxy S10 is not a big issue. if your mobile dropped on a hard surface and submerged in water for a long time that is a big issue. every problem solution we have. so let’s see how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 black screen issue.

samsung galaxy S10 is really very high specifications and it has a good operating system but not guaranty that this type of issue not creat on this model. and not an only black screen issue. also, Won’t Turn On, the screen is frozen and black and not responding so here we give you some information regarding your problem that how to fix black screen issue. so follow my article step by step and fix your problem.

How to fix Black Screen of Death on Galaxy S10

Charging issue

first charge your mobile, please connect your mobile phone to the charger using always Samsung galaxy S10 original charger. when your mobile connects with charger after the 10-minute press and holds the power button until your mobile device screen on.

use original charger

never use other smartphone chargers. always use original Samsung galaxy S10 charger.

Charge phone currently

if your mobile screen doesn’t see charging logo otherwise charging symbol that means your mobile is not in charging mode. so first check power adapter connect with your mobile or not.

change charger, USB port & Wall socket

check your Samsung galaxy S10 Android device charger,USB port & Wall socket. if it has any damaged so first repair it or change it.

force start your device

press and hold the power button(side button) countinewslly untill you won’t see Samsung galaxy S10 logo.wait for few second if you get started your mobile that means you solve your black screen issue.

change power button

if above any solution dont give you work that means may be your power button damager so first, change your device power button and fix the problem.

we give all easy tips, still, you should not repair your black screen problem. now, you bring the phone back to the store

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