Samsung galaxy S9/S9 plus Won’t turn on after update Black Screen, Not Responding

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus has upgraded hardware and features in best smartphones. Are you uncomfortable with Galaxy S9 & S9 plus screen won’t turning on a black screen? We give you useful tips for Samsung Galaxy S9 7S9 plus unresponsive. So, fully charge your Android Oreo device after press power button, but not start phone that means your Galaxy S9/S9 plus black screen issue creates.

Here several reasons of Galaxy S9/S9 plus won’t turn on after charging such as faulty damage battery, screen damage, overheating issue, etc. if you have Samsung galaxy original charger than use it and solve your Samsung Galaxy charging issue. We give you some useful and possible solution so please read it and solve it.

Easy Step – How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus that won’t turn on

Solution 1: use original charger and charge your Nougat/Oreo device

Use your device original charger and then charge your battery, sometimes other mobile charger doesn’t give work Samsung mobile. so, use original charger. Also, check mobile charging port, if it is faulty then no issue about charger then go and repair your charging port.

Solution 2: check wall outlet

First, check your wall outlet their power supply or not?  If there is no power supply then repair it and you charge your mobile another wall outlet.

Solution 3: fix galaxy S9/S9 plus turning after charging

Data cable/ your charger connect to your mobile charging port then check if your show on your screen battery icon that means power supply and charges your battery. Now charge your battery about half hour and after check may be your mobile black screen turn on.

Solution 4: fix safe mode – Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus won’t turn on after dropping or charging

Find third-party app. How to enable safe mode on Galaxy S9/ S9 plus. It’s a step below so follow it and solve your issue.

Fix 1: press power button few second turn off Galaxy device.

Fix 2: tap & hold power button still appear Samsung galaxy logo then left the power button.

Fix 3: then tap and hold volume down button until restarting Samsung mobile.

Fix 4: now you show safe mode on the left bottom side.

Now you will see a third-party app that hidden from your device so guys, now check your android device give work without any problem. Id your mobile start without any problem that means third-party app causing this problem. Restart your device to exit safe mode.

Clear up cache on galaxy Android device

Setting > Application > App manager > select app > Storage > clear cache

Solution 5: Reset Android device Oreo

Fix 1: turn of your android device.

Fix 2: tap and hold volume up button, home key and power button.

Fix 3: when show Samsung logo just releases all key.

Fix 4: tap volume down button still appears to wipe data/factory reset then tap the power button.

Fix 5:  tap volume down key until yes select it and press power key to reset process on android Oreo device.

Fix 6: tap volume down button up to Reboot system and after press power button to restart your Android OS 8.1

Reset your mobile and solve software problem on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 plus and turn on your device.

Follow this guide and fix this problem.

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