Save more battery while you play Pokémon go on android

For android user has one of the biggest challenges when he/ she play GPS based online Pokémon Go game on android device. But now most of the Gamers are tried below techniques gives in this tutorial and happy with it. After that just concentrate in Play Pokémon go on android mobile/ Tablet. Apart from GPS location tracking, Game also use your Battery drainer source of mobile are Camera, Mobile Data or Wi-Fi, Screen Brightness. Also look forward to Pokémon Go gives other Battery optimization techniques and code that save lot power in the future time.

With This battery Drainers problems and saving tips might be not all android users agree but we know that there is no option for stop battery consumption while play Pokémon Go on android mobile.

FAQs: Steps and real guide on Save android Mobile Battery While play Pokémon go on android

Play Pokémon go on android while play pokemon go

Adjust Screen Brightness

Pokémon Go game we can play on low brightness, Full Brightness and One of the Primary stage that will kill your Battery Much faster that you aspect. And in the Reverse you will save more by decrease it. Much hard to play in shiny atmosphere but when you need more brightness you can increase it from notification centre on HTC, Nexus, Samsung or LG. Or put it on Auto Brightness Level Go to the Settings > Display, Gesture & Buttons > Brightness Level > Automatic Brightness Enable > Ok.

Set Display on Auto Brightness

Not to Use Camera reality all the time

Stop to play game in augment reality mode, By stop to access camera when you play game. This camera option will be appear on Screen while you play Pokémon Go game.

Keep External Battery

Don’t agree to disable or stop features of Pokémon go then Keep high storage power bank for endless time play game.

Don’t play or access other app in Background

Other mail app, Message app or Third party Pokémon location finder app should be closed.

Add and suggest more tips on Save Battery while we Play Pokémon go on android mobile or Tablets on comment box.

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