Search not working in windows 10, Fixed Cortana Search

Cortana search box in taskbar is new and very useful for find Files, Document, App and windows Setting in windows 10. Microsoft started since windows 8, but now in windows 10 improved and easy to find all users from any screen. To search things you doesn’t need to minimize opened apps, Documents, Browser and more. Sometimes users are facing problem on search not working in windows 10. Behind many reasons like search indexed occurred error that you can reset or repair using the different troubleshoot given in below.

Refresh or Reactivate Task bar search in windows 10 taskbar.

Fixed: Cortana Search not working in windows 10

1. Restart PC or Laptop

After too long time, windows is running multiple programs or processes in background. That all process you can reset or close at once easily using restart system. Save your work and safely restart Laptop/ PC.

2. Check for update

Make sure about your windows 10 is up to date with latest version from Microsoft. Download and install windows 10 update.

3. Close or Restart cortana process

Right lick on windows start button > Task Manager

01 Open Task manager on windows 10

Next Tap on More Details if you don’t find below screen with all running process in details.

1 stop cortana process from task manage in windows 10

There you can see cortana process under background processes.

Select cortana process > press End Task button

Once you close app in background, it will be start automatically when you use.

Also close Windows Explorer process: Windows Explorer also available there below to cortana process > Select it and press End Task button

4. Find troubleshoot and Repair indexing service

Go to control panal from start menu. (Right click on start menu > Control panal)

4 Open control panal in windows 10

Choose large icon in view options > Troubleshooting

5 Troubleshooting search on windows 10

Next, Click on System and Security > Search and indexing

6 Search and Indexing option in control panal

Follow the on screen instruction, Choose Search and indexing problem

7 Troubleshoot Search and index option in windows 10

It will take time depends on your system speed and problems.

5. Reset or Re-Indexed search service

Press windows + R key on keyboard, Type services.msc in text box on run window.

8 Open Services from run windows in windows 10

Next, You will see below screen that showing all running services.

Find Windows Search > Right click on it and Go to the Properties.

2 Search more working properties and fix Search not working in windows 10

Inside popup settings Choose Start up type: Automatic then saves your settings by Apple and Ok.

3 Windows search settings in windows 10

Right click on Windows Search > Restart service.

Above all are the possible fixes to reconfigure or repair search in windows 10 or cortana Search not working in windows 10.

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