Send WhatsApp message to multiple contacts on Android

One of the largest and most popular messaging app now easy to send single text/ Video or Picture to multiple contacts. Just find contacts saved in your android mobile contacts app. now you can do it officially using steps given at here. This option is most useful that make your job for send it individual contacts by tap and forward it. I am not taking about create a group, here you need to create any number of broadcast list. Also broadcast member doesn’t look other contacts details and share in your broadcast list.

Also group members have an option to remove or left group any time, So it’s biggest drawback we can improve using Broadcast list.

WhatsApp broadcast list has no limitations on how many number of contacts you want add in list.

Step for send WhatsApp message to multiple contacts on Android

Open WhatsApp app on android mobile

Now, Tap on Top right corner three horizontal option icon display in below image.

From Option popup menu, Go for New Broadcast option.

Tap on contact from list one by one, That’s you want to add in list.

For save the list, Tap on True mark at below screen.

WhatsApp message to multiple contacts from android mobile at once

Make changes in Broadcast list add new recipients, Remove or Delete full list, that you can do it.

Add new Recipients in Existing Broadcast list

Go to broadcast list settings, Tap on Recipients filed and give desired name there.

For add new in List, Tap on Add recipient..Done – See below image,

Add new Recipents or Remove from list as well

Delete WhatsApp Broadcast List

For Delete List, Move at last of the screen and Tap on Delete Broadcast list.

Note: In Broadcast List we cannot add existing whatsApp group. Only individual contacts are allowed.

Any query and your suggestion about how to do WhatsApp message to multiple contacts from android mobile, Share with us.

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