How to set or change Time & Date on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus

Ssamsung galaxy S9/S9 plus set date and time

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus is smartphone their have best features. This android phone has put together various setting so any time you should change it and set it. Maybe, on our phone automatically set time date figure image. It’s too simple. But sometime you people might want change time and date, so it’s too easy to fix in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.

Date and Time Settings- Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

  1. first, swipe down from the top of your Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus screen to notification shade.
  2. And then select Setting, so tap the setting button (look like a gear) in the top corner side.
  3. In setting tap Date and Time button (bottom of the screen setting look Date and Time).
  4. And after tap Automatic date and time toggle, it’s manually automatically set time and date.
  5. After tapping the set date to start(launch) the calendar.
  6. And then tap Date, and now you should like to set date your phone.
  7. Now click the Done to save above save method.
  8. To launch clock roll to tap Set time.
  9. Now scroll the screen Rollers to set time minute, hour and AM/PM.
  10. go to setting in timezone options to launch Select time zone.
  11. Now you should like to set your phone tap on Time zone.

Now your time is your hand, so now should be automatically set to time, date and timezone choosing.

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