How to set Google Chrome Browser as a default browser in Windows PC or laptop

Here I am teaching you about how to Change or Switch by set default browser as a Google Chrome in your Windows system or PC or laptop. That means any of the program and web page open directly in your Google Chrome browser instead of Internet explorer Mozilla Safari another third party browser installed on your system. This is one of the most time-saving tricks that we can found on the Internet right now from here. Don’t miss to subscribe and like us to share this article with your friends.

Without uninstalling third-party applications means program software like web browsers we can use Google Chrome as a default browser because we like almost all the people because it’s very fast and simple and easy to use and most of the web browser and Web Technology supports this browser very well.

Depends on installing your Windows system Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP methods quite simply change for all the system.

First of all, Let’s Check how to change/ Switch or set default browser Google Chrome in Windows 10 or later

Open your computer and click on the “start menu” at bottom left corner of Screen and then click settings

1 Settings on Windows 10 Start menu

And the settings find the default apps click on the systems and Default apps.

Windows creator update find the click app > Default apps

2 Default Web Browser on Windows

Obviously, you can find default save as a Microsoft as because it’s Microsoft own.

3 Google Chrome Set Default Browser in Windows PC or Laptop

Click on the Microsoft Edge tab.

Choose an app that we want to set a default browser.

4 Check it out for save Google Chrome Default Browser

Here I am selecting Google Chrome as a default web browser on my Windows 10 system.

How to set Google Chrome as a default browser in Windows 8 & below – Windows 7

Step 1: open your computer and click on the start menu.

Step 2: next to the start menu click on control panel > program > default programs > set your default programs.

On the left click on the Google Chrome then click on that this program is the default final tap on Ok for Save.

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