Shockwave flash has crashed in Google Chrome, Here’s the fix

Google Chrome in windows 10/ 8 or windows 7 support third-party plugins and Chrome has officially built-in important plugins as well. So we need to update our Google chrome on windows or Mac system regularly. This is not a problem at all but you can optimize your chrome browser for the longer time without any problem. Here I fixed error Shockwave flash has crashed, appeared on a yellow tab just below the address bar in Google chrome browser.

Google Chrome or Mozilla, IE browser always use flash player in a browser to run some flash banner ad, Video or other playable content in a browser.

This is the main cause of Adobe installed on the system, but it really helpful before and now when Chrome hasn’t support flash. Now, what happen if two flash plugin installed on Signal chrome browser, both are incompatible each other.

Remove/ Disable one of the flash plugins from Google chrome and fix your problem, let’s see how to remove.

2 Shockwave flash crashed on Windows

Find and Disable Adobe flash Plugin: Fix Shockwave flash has crashed in Google Chrome

Update your Browser with Latest one, Go to Chrome Settings (Tap on horizontal Three dot icon > Help > About Google Chrome), Google Chrome 57 or later version not showing plugin page settings. (Error: chrome://plugins/might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_URL)

The browser is running on older version follow the next steps.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on Windows or Mac, Type chrome://plugins/ in an address bar.

1 Fix error Shockwave flash has crashed in Google Chrome

Step 2: Ctrl + F for finding exact text on a page, Type “Flash” in a text box.

Step 3: Now, Tap on a [+] icon at the end of for details.

Step 4: Click on Flash and Disable Flash plugin that has path: show and highlighted in below image,

Once you make changes, Restart your Browser and Use it.

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Yes, we can troubleshoot a flash problem without uninstalling adobe PDF reader or other product from windows system.

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