Show/ Hide cortana search box in windows 10 from Laptop/ Desktop

Make your windows privacy on hand by keep instant search box invisible to guest or unknown. So here I give steps on how to show/ Hide cortana search box in windows 10 laptop or Desktop. Cortana personal assistance is great searching tools like Google in search engine. This search auto index all files, Folders, Apps and Windows 10 settings automatically. In case Cortana search not working then we can reset or Repair using different techniques explained in my past article.

You have to different visibility view for use cortana search from windows 10 taskbar.

Steps for Show/ Hide cortana search box in windows 10

For Disable/ Turn off search box features in windows 10 you don’t need to run extra setup or download extension from Microsoft. It’s built in and primary features of windows 10 then people love too much. I am also but sometime we need to put hidden or Disable.

Turn off/ Hide cortana search box in windows 10

Right lick on cortana search box from your Laptop/ PC. Go to the Cortana > Hidden.

2 cortana search hidden on windows 10 taskbar


Partially hide search box

This option only hide search box but it will show circle icon, See below image. This gives more space for another opened program. Without any hassle we can use by single click on icon. Right click on text box > Cortana > Show Cortana icon

1 Show Search Box in Show/ Hide cortana search box in windows 10

Show search box in taskbar strip

I think search box in taskbar is the right place and easy to use when we want on any screen. Once you disable it, Right click on Taskbar > Cortana > Show Search box

3 Hide search box and show cortan icon

Use cortana settings for Customize search results in search box result

Another great option is customize cortana search algorithm by different setting available in cortana search.

4 cortana settings for manage search result in windows 10

Hope fully you done that you want on windows PC or Laptop: Enable/ Partially Hide or Hide cortana search box in windows 10.

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