Fixed Bluetooth Connection is Not Established or Earbuds Are Disconnected From Mobile Device

Earbuds pairing problem with android mobile

Galaxy Buds the newly invented buds by the Samsung. It has gained a lot of popularity in the market as it is very easy to use comfortable to wear and easy to handle and it work and voice is best. Though it is popular among users, still many users are complaining that the bluetooth connection is not establishing and earbuds are disconnecting from mobile.
So don’t worry we are here to solve your problem by giving you some best possible solutions to solve your problem.

Follow the Solutions Given Below for Earbuds not Connecting to Android Mobile

Earbuds pairing problem with android mobile

Earbuds pairing problem with android mobile

Solution 1: Disconnect And Reconnect

If your buds are losing the connectivity then you should  Disconnect them and again Reconnect them after waiting for a few seconds. Try to reset the bluetooth connection, this is a common method for all types of Earbuds or Bluetooth accessories. Press and Hold on the Pairing button until you see the lighting indicator blinking or Goes to red. That means now this earbud not paired with any smartphone, also at the same time we can connect to android mobile, just find the device under the bluetooth and tap on it to pair.

Solution 2: Restart Both the Devices

If your buds are unable to establish the connection with the mobile or any other device. Restart both the devices and then try to connect to them.

Solution 3: Check The Battery of Buds

Buds may not function properly because of low battery So before using them you should check the battery or you should charge them for minimum 30 minutes before using.

Solution 4: Distance & Barrier

Make sure that the distance between buds and the device should be 10M or less and there should be no electromagnetic device or concrete walls which causes a barrier in the connection of the devices. The Distance between Device may vary according to environmental conditions in the surroundings.

Solution 5: Update to The Latest Version

Update your buds and Galaxy Wearable App to its latest version to make them function properly. most of the earbuds will automatically update when we pair with mobile. Also, Keep updated your android mobile, Some users can’t get it because it requires a WiFi connection.

Solution 6: Contact The Store

After trying all the solutions mentioned above if still the problem is been seen in your device then you should take a visit to your nearest store and take help from there.

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