[Fixed] Samsung Galaxy Buds Call Quality issues, Bad Sound Quality

Samsung Galaxy Buds call quality is low and Improve bad sound quality for call and music. Samsung Galaxy buds are the great device. These are very useful. You can easily use them. Samsung Buds has a great quality of sound. but many users are complaining that it has many calling issues. They are telling that calling quality is not good enough. Sometimes there is no sound, many times we can here echo and many other problems are been faced by the users.

So we will help you out to solve your problem by giving some best possible solutions. Follow the solutions given below:

Boost Galaxy Buds Sound For Music, Call: Check Settings for Galaxy Buds sound Quality

Galaxy Buds sound is low and how to increase

Galaxy Buds sound is low and how to increase

Solution 1: Adjust Volume Of Galaxy Buds

If your having calling issue adjust the volume of the earbuds with the help of touchpads, Also adjust the volume of the connected device. If the echo is sounding on the buds then you should move the connected device in the place where there is a proper signal.

Use Below gesture and Increase Volume on Galaxy Buds.

Change Volume Gesture for Galaxy Buds

Change Volume Gesture for Galaxy Buds

Also, Enable media sound volume – Media sync volume from the connected mobile, Open the Settings of android mobile < Connections < Bluetooth < More icon < Advanced Option < Media Volume sync on.

Also Set Volume control on Galaxy Bud’s touchpad, Open Wearable app on connected android mobile > Tap on Touchpad < Tap on Left option < Select Volume down button.

Mono Sound or Stereo Sound on Galaxy Buds:

Mono Sound: Both Earbuds are in the ear.
Steria Sound: One of the Earbuds in charging case and another is in-ear.

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Solution 2: Distance should be Proper

You can also face the problem because of the distance between the earbuds and the connected device. You should keep the distance of 10m or less.

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Solution 3: No Barrier Between Galaxy Buds and Mobile

You should not keep any barrier between the earbuds and device like no electric barrier or no concrete walls should be there.

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Solution 4: Check the Earbuds

You need to check that which earbud is not working. It is possible that the right bud will not work because it has a speaker in it. And by reconnecting you can solve that problem.

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Solution 5: Disconnect and Reconnect

If there is a calling issue you should Disconnect the buds and device connected and Reconnect them after few seconds to solve your issue.

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Solution 6: Enough Battery

Sometimes the problem may occur due to low battery on your earbuds or the device connected. So you check the battery and charge it if there is low battery before using the buds.

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Solution 7: Contact the Store

If any of the mentioned solutions do not solve your problem then you should consult to the nearest store as early as possible.

Above all the troubleshooting solution really work for Galaxy buds won’t loud enough on music or call. Increase sound quality of Galaxy buds.

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