Fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Connectivity Issues or Bluetooth Problems

Having the big problem with Samsung Galaxy Buds Connectivity Issues on Call or listen from Mobile/PC/Laptop, Let’s Short out and makes Samsung Galaxy Buds works properly, fits very comfortably and sound, it sounds is just very clear and audible. But the problem that occurs in this buds is a bluetooth connection. Galaxy Buds frequently loses its connectivity. Sometimes they lose connectivity when kept far from the connected device. You need to keep your device close to the ear buds or in front of them to keep connected the buds and your device.

But the problem is this is not possible every time like when driving; you cannot hold your phone. So here in this tutorial, we will give you some solutions to solve your problem. Follow the solutions offered below:

Fixes for Samsung Galaxy Buds Connectivity Issues: Disconnecting sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds Connectivity Issues

Samsung Galaxy Buds Connectivity Issues

The first check During a call, There is a problem with internet or Carrier signal, Low Single might deliver distorted sound and poor internet connectivity causing the issues on a video call, Play media files Video or music online.

Solution 1: Re-connect your buds with the device

If your device and has the poor connectivity with each other. You should Disconnect them and again reconnect them after a few seconds. For this Close, the Charging case of buds and again open it to put the earbuds in the pairing mode.

Solution 2: Keep Your Earbuds and App updated

Make sure that your earbuds are updated on the regular time duration. And if they are not connecting or not responding properly in the bluetooth connection. Then you should update them and then try to connect your problem will be solved and you should also update the app by which you are connecting the device and buds.

Solution 3: No Obstacles That Disturbing the Connectivity

Make sure that there is no obstacle like concrete walls or any electric devices between the device which are to be connected.

Solution 4: Distance Should be Maintain

You should keep both the device in a very short distance so that the bluetooth can be connected. Distance should be 10 meters or less.

Solution 5: Restart the App and mobile

If there is a problem in the connection, you should reboot your device and after that, you should again launch the app ( Galaxy Wearable App) through which you are connecting the device.

Solution 6: Contact the Store

Even after trying all the above solutions if your buds are working or are enabled to connect, then you should visit the nearest store as early as possible.

Still, we are updating this list according to the problem you are facing with your Galaxy Buds buds or Headphone. Don’t miss to share your problem with us on a comment.

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