Try to WiFi Not Working Issue On OnePlus 7 Pro, Disconnecting & Dropping

Wifi not working on OnePlus 7 pro that's Dropping and Disconnecting

here are the most common problems and solutions for WiFi not working on OnePlus 7 Pro. Also, Sometimes Wifi Keeps dropping and Disconnecting itself. OnePlus 7 Pro has great features, it has gained a lot of popularity in the market, but it also has some issues like WiFi not working on your device. WiFi may not work due to some hardware or software issues on your devices.

Here in this tutorial, we will provide you some solutions related to this problem, which can solve your problem quickly. Slow or Poor WiFi signal or connection also causes of your App is lagging or not showing photo or Media file quickly. That’s the impact on Mobile performance. Because some users are pointing out that my Mobile lagging or Won’t show a picture on the FaceBook app, Instagram Won’t load story or Media file.

Follow the solutions for OnePlus 7 Pro WiFi Not Working

Wifi not working on OnePlus 7 pro that's Dropping and Disconnecting

Wifi not working on OnePlus 7 pro that’s Dropping and Disconnecting

Solution 1: Turn it On/Off

When you’re facing the issue of poor connectivity and call drops to turn off your router and then switch it on again after some time. Also, you can the WiFi speed on Speed tester online sites. Ex, or Use Google, YouTube Video to finalize speed and performance of streaming.

Solution 2: Forget Password

If the WiFi connection doesn’t give you the perfect speed, then forget the network and re-enter the password again and connect the system. Go to the WiFi settings by tap and hold on WiFi icon under the Control center on android mobile. You will be redirected to the WiFi settings app, Tap on WiFi name and Forgot it.

Solution 3: Changing the Settings

If you are getting the weak connections, you need to change some setting of the WiFi. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on WiFi.
Step 3: Click on WiFi preferences.
Step 4: “Keep WiFi On During Sleep” and set it to always.
By this, you can get the proper network.

Solution 4: Backup and Reset

Reset all the network settings of the WiFi and get the proper network. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: Click on Backup and Reset option.
Step 3: Reset Network Settings.
Step 4: Reset all the WiFi settings and set up the connection again, and you will get the proper network.

Solution 5: Check the connectivity on the channel

Check the connectivity with the help of WiFi Analyzer and try to change the different channel if the network is not working with a particular channel.

Solution 6: Keep your Device Closer to Router

If the connectivity is getting lower and the network is getting slower. Keep your device closer to the router. Sometimes due to the distance, you can get the lower speed.

Sometimes WiFi disconnecting itself or Dropping from the internet service provider. Check the service end and ask your ISP about network problems. At your end, Check WiFi power support is okay and the Router is Configured properly.

Some users are happy and fixed after resetting the WiFi router using the button given on WiFi Router hardware.

Solution 7: Wipe Cache from the Device

Clearing the Cache will remove all the minor bugs from your device, and it will work properly. Follow the steps given below to make:

Step 1: Power Off your device by pressing the Power button.
Step 2: Press the Power Key & Volume Down Key simultaneously, to Boot your device in the recovery mode.
Step 3: Use the Volume keys to navigate & Power button to select the options.
Step 4: Select the language which is preferable to you.
Step 5: Click on Wipe Data & Cache option.
Step 6: Click Yes and confirm the process.

Solution 8: Contact the store

If any of the above resolutions do not work, then you should contact the store immediately.

So with this, you can solve your problem.

Above all are the troubleshooting solutions are futile for the repair the WiFi. You need to contact the oneplus store to check WiFi hardware problems and Free service. Share more problem with us on comment box or Solutions if that is not listed on above tips to Fix WiFi Use on OnePlus 7 Pro.

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