Solved Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Photos Are Black

Solved Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera Photos Are Black

Here give you Samsung Galaxy Note 9 tips and tricks. Are you facing black photos issue?? We can help to remove the black picture in the android gallery. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the excellent mobile also a certain difficult issue here we go addressing it. In our troubleshooting series, we will talk about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera photos are blurry and black. We try to solve your galaxy note 9 cameras photos are black issue another their related problems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera photos are black.

Problem 1: I click five pictures in the row. Then we go to show in the gallery. First recent photos appear clear and fine. But when I swipe left to see the photos that time photos are black. Now then use back Arrow and click at the top left side transfer thumbnail style gallery alternately off the mobile full-screen photos at the time mode and we’ll picture appear there with non HD quality and blurry.

So I always try to deleting recent pictures. But when I open my camera again. And click the photo, the same issue creates. Please try to solve my problem.

Problem 2: When I click photos through my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But when I show in the gallery at that time I will show previous photos but not appear photos that I click after a few minutes. And that will be black. And when I am deleting black photos, the first picture also disappear. Help me what to do here?.

Solution: First check this problem created by some corrupt data in your camera app or gallery.

So, go with application manager Samsung Galaxy note 9 then clearing cache data of the camera app and gallery.
Do this process and after check your problem Galaxy note 9 photos black and disappear.

So we give you some troubleshooting tips to follow it.

Tips 1: your mobile has any micro SD card so, please remove it.

Tips 2: Start the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in safe mode and check it doesn’t caused download application. Find the reason and uninstall it.

Tips 3: Use recovery mode and wipe the cache partition.

Tips 4: When you do the factory reset first take backup.

Galaxy Note 9 Dropping Frames When Recording in Slow Motion

When I click the clip in slow motion. And after i open my Android gallery to show recorded video is note to smooth and steadily. I also try to record slow motion video with SD card. But create the same problem. Please give me the solution.

Solution: This problem is create by the software issue. So please first take backup your mobile internal data, photos video, file and messages. then do the factory reset, hard reset or soft reset. Not need to above all reset process. But choose any one and finish it. then record the slow motion video. Is this solution is working for you, that’s good sound but not solve means caused the application that you downloaded on your mobile and Creating problem with the software glitch. Then only one option is here that update the latest Android version. And solved Samsung Galaxy note 9 camera photos are black, Automatically.

Samsung Galaxy not nice photo to Micro SD card after a software update.

I am using Samsung Galaxy note 9 Android mobile. After a few days I I was update my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 latest software update. But after create an issue that, my photos can’t save SD card. I also change setting to save SD card. But always my mobile screen left one message that can’t save photos to SD card. will you help me? Please solve my issue.

Solution: First your SD remove from your mobile And then do the soft reset, using the power button and volume down button. press and hold both buttons for 10 seconds. And then start your mobile and check. If this problem still persist. Then follow the next solution,

If mobile to Android mobile doesn’t solve this error after do a software update. So you must need to factory reset.

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