Steps for Downgrade from Oreo to Nougat: Android 8 to 7 on oneplus, MI, Nexus

Google released android latest version OREO 8.0 currently updates for Pixel & Nexus devices. So you people can easily Downgrade 8.0(Oreo) to 7.0(nougat). If you update latest version Oreo 8.0 in your android mobile (Nexus, Samsung, Galaxy, Moto, Motorola, Mi, Vivo,  Oppo, OnePlus 3t/ 5/ 3, Google Pixel Xl, Nexus), many users update new version their android mobile. Whenever you update that time quite stable but after some time you don’t like use to new update Oreo 8.0 or maybe no support in your mobile so you people easily change it. I mean you can easily do revert process. Many android devices are not happy for Oreo 8.0 for various reasons so you can downgrade from android Oreo to Nougat. (8.0 to 7.0)

Here we give you some useful method from a downgrade to Nougat from Oreo Android.

When you start process first get some backup because data may be lost.

Downgrade Pixel/Nexus device to Nougat – Factory image for Nougat

Important Note: ~ your phone charge 50-60% minimum should be there.

~ Follow all step carefully doesn’t miss any.

~ When you start the process all data will erase so first get some backup then proceed.

2 android oreo to Nougat on any model

How to Downgrade from Android Oreo o Android Nougat (8 to 7)

Step 1: In setting unlock USB debugging & OEM. (Setting > developer option > enable developer option then go about phone and press the 7 times build number)

Step 2: and then download and Install on pc: ADB and Fastboot driver for windows OR ADB and fastboot for Mac.

Step 3: Download Nougat Factory image – link and now extract it above ADB and Fastboot folder.

Step 4:  go > ABD directory & tap and hold “Shift” and then right click in the folder anywhere, then select “open command window here.”

Step 5: Now connect your android mobile device to your PC and then go to fastboot mode.

: adb reboot bootloade

Step 6: now, you are in fastboot so check your connection through under command.

: fastboot devices

Step 7: now you tap command line and write below word, and take few second for process.

Fastboot flashing unlock

Step 8: your android device now reboot in to bootloder mode.

Step 9: open your command and navigate unzipped system.

Step 10:  this step will install every android Nougat system image like: bootloader, baseband firmware(s).

Step 11: if you people want lock your device antithetical than below command use

Fastboot flashing lock

Fastboot oem lock (for use older android device)

Step 12: and last process is DONE.

Above all steps follow and solve your downgrade problem.

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