Force Stop windows 10 update, auto download update in windows 10 won’t srop on laptop/ pc

Now a day every people mind have one question: how do I stop windows 10 update permanently? Windows 10 has many features to help us. Also, Windows 10 has lots off least of features but in which one is a facility that automatic update windows 10 whenever you people try to shut down your laptop and computer. That’s it. That problem disturbs you every time. So apparently you every one mind have one problem that windows 10 home disable automatic update 2018. But how can you do it easily? So guys relax and read my post and get solution How to stop windows 10 update assistant.

windows 10 download stop

  How to stop windows 10 update in progress

Our hand windows 10 notification like:

* disable windows 10 update registry

*download the update but choose when to install them

*turn off automatic update windows 10

*install update automatically

*how do I pause windows 10 update?

*check for update but let me choose whether to download and install them
*never check for update

*how to stop windows 10 from automatic update

Windows 10 has one good, and best service that Windows 10 automatic update but some people don’t want to update their windows system because they have some issue like people do their critical work and that time update system, so use all internet data, slow down network connection and people don’t finish their important job. So here one issue that Turns off auto update windows 10.

So, here we give you some various fix to how to stop windows 10 auto updates:

#Fix1: change device installation setting

#Fix2: disable windows updates service

#Fix3: change the setting of the group policy editor

Here, we have some fix following:

#Fix1.Change Device Installation Setting

You try to stop auto update your laptop and computer. you can try the following step:

Method 1. Write control panel in the kortana search box, and tap Control panel.

Method 2. Click on System.

Method 3. And after tap Advanced system setting.

Method 4.  In an advanced system, setting go to Hardware device & then tap device                            installation setting.

Method 5. Select now No, and click on save change.

Method 6.  last click OK and finish the setting, now, relax because your device will not divert                                 automatically download.

 #Fix2: disable windows updates service

Here’s the most important way to stop windows update is to disable it.

Method 1. Click the Windows logo + R at the same time to invoke run box.

Method 2. And then type service. msc and tap it.

Method 3. Tap it now scroll down to Windows Update, after double-click it.

Method 4. in startup type and select the Disable then apply to OK. Now you easily                               disable Windows 10 update.

#Fix3: change the setting of the group policy editor

The group policy editor will give information of new latest update without accordingly installing them.

Method 1. Press Windows logo key + R then type gpedit.msc and tap Ok

Method 2. Then go to Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows                           Component>Windows update. 

Method 3. now double click Configured Automatic Update.

Method 4. Select Disable icon in Configured Automatic Update on the left side last                              click OK.

Follow above all method and solve your problem.

Enjoy guys! Have a good day.

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