How to Stream PS4 Games with Remote Play on any Android device (no root) OnePlus and Galaxy Mobile

quickly stream PS4 game after stream it on your personal android device like android mobile or Tablets. Another way to control PS4 Gaming console using android mobile, you can use this article to connect a PS4 controller to your android device, but here in this tutorial we will show you does PS4 Remote Play app work on your Galaxy device. There is one application made by Sony, but the problem is that the application works only on some devices of Sony. There is a modified version of this app on XDA developers which works on android device to click on PS4’s Remote functionality. Follow the steps given below:

Remotely Play PS4 Games Using Android Device: OnePlus & Samsung Galaxy

Stream PS4 on Android mobile

Stream PS4 on Android mobile

Supported Android Version is android 4.2

Step 1: In your Galaxy device, open Settings < Security and enable Unknown Sources option.
Step 2: Go to XDA Developers and download the modified PS4 Remote Play App.
Step 3: As the download completes, now in the downloads of your Galaxy device, click on Remote Play apk file.
Step 4: To install the app in your Galaxy device, follow the instructions given on the screen.
Step 5: Switch on your PS4.
Step 6:  Open the Remote Play.
Step 7: Click on Next.
Step 8: Now, Log-in in your PSN account.
Step 9: Now, the app will connect to your PS4.

Also, you can stream Playsation game on the internet connection, here’s the support article here.

When the connection is done you will be able to see the content of the PS4 in your Galaxy device, there will be a virtual controller below it. PS4 controller will take its position according to your landscape. It will work properly unless there is a problem in the wi-fi, for the excellent performance you should wire PS4 with your router. There is also the option of changing stream available in the PS4 Remote Play app.

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