How to Guide
Enable/ Disable auto update app in android play store: OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel

For all smart device users time to time we need update apps installed on smart devices (iOS, android or Windows). Also all Mobile platform gives option for ...

Disable/ Enable Night mode in Twitter app on Android

Social media users are especially twitter now more convincing to use it at mid night or dark area. Shiny screen at dark area make user eye tired and not ...

How to remove Prisma logo or Watermark from Photos: Android Free

Recently launched for android Prisma Real art in free app gives amazing option in free, No one know or try to remove prisma logo at created photos through apps ...

Where is WhatsApp backup stored in android Or Google Drive: Android

Auto Backup and Restore on WhatsApp android device is very easy but users are trying to find saved old whatsApp backup in local storage or online Google Drive. ...

How to install WhatsApp Beta android: Voice Mail Test, Font style

Test out new Upcoming features in WhatsApp for android with Voice mail and Different Message text style on your WhatsApp test conversation First time. From the ...

Stop to access Google account from Pokémon Go: Android signup

Remove Pokémon Go components in your Google account, and stop to access Google account from Pokémon go app permanently. Pokémon Go developers Niantic ...

Download Pokémon go Outside USA: On Android Mobile

From the digital news Report in the just 3 days 5% of total android users download Pokémon go on his/ Her Smartphone. Also broke all gaming records and Revenue ...