How to take a screenshot on Chromebook Acer, HP: Print screen

The screenshot is very useful for taking an instant snap of anything that opens on Chromebook folder, Browser, and another window. There too many software available for install and use in an amazing way but it’s not official for that you may have to pay some amount or install third-party software in limited space. Chromebook user never like to install third-party software download in the system and install, Due to limited storage capacity. But Chromebook OS give a built-in option to capture or copy screen using the keyboard shortcut like windows Laptop or PC.
That’s here I am talking which key are useful for taking Chromebook screen print and save into picture format (jpg, png or other).

take a screenshot on Chromebook Acer, HP

Steps for taking a screenshot on Chromebook Acer, HP

1. Take an entire screenshot, Use both keys at once: Ctrl + Windows Switcher.
2. Capture specific portion on screen into screenshot, Use Ctrl + Shift + Windows Switcher

Once you use the following command on your Chromebook, Another option just near to notification bar, what we take action on just a captured screenshot on chromebook
Click on it and Find other saving options like which format you want to save, Where to save under Chromebook file manager.

Useful: Check for Update Chrome, Chrome is outdated.

Edit screenshot on Chromebook

We need to do editing on every snap, easy to understand we are pointing and use some arrow or text on the image. To do that, Go to the Chromebook file manager, Find the location of saved image and Right click on it.

Chrome gives built-in picture editing tools for making few changes just like paint.

Right click on the picture or Double click on it for open in picture viewer, At the bottom corner of the screen find picture editing tools, Use some built-in editor tools like crop, brightness, Rotate and more functions are given in this picture tools.

Keyboard Shortcut for Third-party keyboard on Chrome OS

Using Chrome on Desktop and Use third-party keyboard (Standard Windows keyboard),
Switch windows key = F5
Now, Print screen Shortcut for the Third-party keyboard is F5 + Ctrl.

Take screenshot using Tools software

Some of the popular software for chrome OS related to these are,

Clipular, FireShot, Pixlr, Awesome Screenshot Minus.

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