How to take a screenshot on OnePlus 6

Wow! OnePlus 6. What a new android phone! This is greater and coolest than another Android phone. Also, their features are different than another smartphone. And when you take capturing the screenshot, that process is little different than another mobile. I know when we capture a screenshot and after it saves on your smartphone Gallery or Photos. But here is little different that OnePlus capture two type of screenshot. It’s extra so when you do it that time you feel fantastic.

So, everyone mind has one question that How to take a screenshot on OnePlus 6 device & also how to take ‘print screenshot on Oneplus 6’ So, guys relax, because our hand their solution and we present it for you. So, follow my step and take the screenshot.

How to take, edit & share a screen on OnePlus 6

Here we give a couple of method for taking the screenshot on OnePlus 6.

How to take scrolling screenshot on the OnePlus 6

when you capture normal screenshot same as taking scroll screenshot we give you tips for scrolling screenshot on OnePlus 6.

Scrolling screenshot is best to process because in this screenshot capture one long and you take more content & it can fit all screen at one time.

Here we give you step how to do it easily:

# 1: when you take scrolling, screenshot tap and hold power 7 volume down button at the same time, that time you can show up the toolbar of screen bottom side with the additional option.

# 2: press rectangle button. It will work only that time you people capture scrolling screenshot.

# 3: continue screen scroll vertically until capture as more as wanting you it. And last tap the screen and stop it. And you don’t manually stop so screen automatic stop this process. Because of its size limit.

# 4: now you take your screenshot and go bottom of the screen and choose sharing button and share screenshot with your expected person. It not important where you share but screenshots super useful tools.

How to take the screenshot on OnePlus 6?

# 1: First step of taking the screenshot is same other smartphones, tap power, and volume button and hold and take a screenshot.

# 2: And another step is “three finger screenshots” tap three times on screen and take screenshot easily.

# 3: When you consider the screenshot after you see the toolbar on the bottom of the mobile screen in their additional option.

# 4: if you want to share this screenshot so, you will share it easily tap the left side button that looks like three dots on the parallel line. Choose the app and share it.


# 5: now you want to edit(draw, filter & crop) it before share, press next button their symbol like a pencil. Crop and edit after save it.

Use our couple of step and capture screenshot and enjoy your day.


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