How to take a Screenshot on OnePlus 6T/6/5/5t

OnePlus launched amazing Android P version OnePlus 6t. It’s not a major upgrade over OnePlus 6. Bt OnePlus 6t come with Much Battery life and in display fingerprint scanner.OnePlus 6t best Android mobile like Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL.

If you get new brand OnePlus 6t flagship mobile so you should try to figure out all new features the OnePlus 6t smartphone device has to offer. You Know OnePlus 6t has many latest features notch display, Fingerprint Scanner, Amazing camera, Android Pie support, and high-resolution video quality. In which one best and very useful feature takes screenshots. Here every manufacturer has their private and own method to take a print screen(screenshot) on OnePlus 6t android P device.

How To: How to take ScreenShot on OnePlus 6t/ OnePlus 6-n share and edit screenshot

Oneplus has not changed the process to take screenshots OnePlus 6t from previous device OnePlus 6/5/5t. It is a really fine method to take a screenshot. Not need to new ways to take screenshots.

Here are two easy and best methods to take a screenshot. Read all step carefully and follow it one by one.

Method 1: How to take a screenshot using the Physical buttons

This is the easiest way to take a screenshot on other smartphones ( Google Pixel, Samsung, LG, Sony Xperia, Mi, Oppo, Moto) and any android version Android Oreo. Android P.

Step 1: Simply Open the screen that you people want to take a screenshot on your device.

Step 2: Now, Press and hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously, until you hear the sound along with a short vibration.

Step 3: wait, few second. The screenshot will appear, and now you people edit it and share it immediately.

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Method 2: How to Take long scrolling Screenshot on Using a Gesture- Three fingers Screenshot: share it and edit it.

A gesture-based screenshot does not only for OnePlus 6t, but it’s also you can use gestures to take screenshots on the device as well. Use following gesture-based screenshots method.

Step 1: first, open the mobile screen that you want to take a screenshot.

Step 2: Quickly capture screenshots using three fingers gestures: use three fingers to swipe on your mobile screen to upwards or downwards.

Step 3: Now your screenshot ready. You can share it and edit will see the edit option on screen right side. Here also one new option that takes long scrolling screenshot. ( if possible for your mobile screen) also along with delete option on your OnePLus 6t mobile screen right side.

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Method 3: How to Take ScreenShot Using Google Assistance

capture the screenshot is very easy tasks for Google Assitance. Google Assistance process is slow but surely evolving. This method is really impressive that takes a screenshot without gestures, take a screenshot without buttons.

Step 1: Open the Screen that you want to take a screenshot.

Step 2: now say: ”Ok Google, Take a screenshot” wait for few seconds to take a screenshot using google app.

Step 3: not you able to see screenshot, you should edit it and share it.

Keep the mind: when you take a screenshot using Google assists that are not saved screenshot automatically, in this process screenshot must save manually.

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Editor Tips: How to Take Scrolling Screenshot

What is scrooling Screenshot: when you want to take a screenshot, that fit in a single snap that called Scroolinng screenshot. this is useful features. OnePlus 6t come with

Step 1: first take a screensho, after prayers the scrolling screenshot on the toolbar.

Step 2: now automatically scrolling and taking a screenshot of the content present.

Step 3: you can stop to taking more screenshot, just tap the screen and stop the taking screenshot. Or wait until reaching the end of the screen to automatically stop.

When completing this process, after you will able to edit and share a screenshot.

This Tutorial help to you how to take a screenshot on OnePlus 6t.if your like our article doesn’t miss to share it.

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