How to take Screenshot and Video in Xbox One or 360: Record Screen

Capture screen/ Take screenshot or record video is not challenging for any smart devices and now also for Xbox gaming console screen as well. Record 720 pixel High resolution on Xbox Live, Xbox 360 or Xbox one in alternate ways then export in to external USB or storage or backup it online cloud storage. Some Xbox users are recording some portion of gameplay time for sharing or later viewing purpose. Take Screenshot and Video in Xbox all generation has been mostly common but not easy.

Use easy shortcut for take screenshot and video in Xbox or online Software as an alternate options.

Steps for Take screenshot and video in Xbox One, Xbox 360 or Xbox Live

Note: we can’t not take screenshot from dashboard, Only capture during game play time. During game play time double tap in center of the screen, Xbox automatically identify about recording command, You will show two option for record screen in picture and record screen in to video.

Press Y – Take a Screen shot

Press X – Record Scree in to video

You have a Xbox kinect Sensor bar then you can do it by your voice command to say: Xbox, take a screenshot.

Record Xbox Screen video or Take screensot of screen

Record Video from gameplay

Your Xbox record all time your action from screen, it’s default enabled. But don’t save it. You need to give command for save it in your console. Not more recording time, maximum you can record 30 seconds video.

For save recorded video double-tap in centre of the screen and Press “X button” to save it

Record using kinect Sensor, Say command: “Xbox, Record that”.

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Export Saved Screenshot or Recorded Video in to oneDrive from Xbox

Upload Studio is live app, works always in online mode. For upload your saved screenshots and video you need to use this app on Xbox.

Take Screenshot and Video in Xbox one, Xbox 360

Open Game DVR app from My Game & App menu > App > Game DVR click on it.

Next, Choose saved screenshot and video that you want upload in to Upload Studio.

By selecting image, you can see option for Download it automatically.

Wait for upload time; it will automatically save in to one drive, by select finish option.

You can access it on one Drive web or other platform app.

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