How To Take Screenshots Of Selected Areas On Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 now comes with extensively bright features. Talking about the features we have discussed many different kinds of shortcuts and various usage in the Samsung Galaxy S22. Here we are going to talk about how to take screenshots where you can try to select a specific region.

To make the device more interested the Samsung Galaxy S22 have introduced and applied to all devices.

We have different kinds of methods to acknowledge the screenshot taking. Let’s discuss how to take it?

Follow these steps to concur the smart capture :

  1. Go to settings.
  1. Search for display.
  1. Go to Easy mode and ON the edge panel.
  1. As stated the system will be on default or go to panels.
  1. You will be displayed lot of different sections as kindly select the smart select section.

You are all set to take screenshots using the smart select option.


How to operate the smart select feature on this Samsung S22?

Hereafter following the above-mentioned steps you need to definitely know how to use this feature. So, let me help you with this procedure:

  1. As have you taken a screenshot or you about to take.
  2. Slide out the edge panel.
  3. You can swipe left or right to get the smart select tools.
  4. You can see the different options in different shapes such as “Rectangle” and “Oval” .
  1. Select and drag the edges of the area and tap done when you ready. 
  2. After the selection of image it will show an edit screen. 

As you can now extract the image by saving as shown above. 

How to take screenshots using S Pen in Galaxy S21 Ultra or S22 Ultra?

As i mentioned above there are numerous ways to take the screenshots as this way is also efficient and very much compatible for every user by taking it through the S -pen.

For this let me guide you  through this:

  1. Firstly, we remove the S-pen.
  2. Hence here activate air command or you can read the other article where its shown how to recklessly enable the air command and issues related to S-pen.
  3. As it will occur in the pop up menu.
  4. Kindly make a selection of smart panel or smart select from the pop-up  menu.
  5. To make it work the rest procedure is the same as above i.e. save the selected region and choose where to save.

As speaking for the S-pen, it’s very handy and less complex because it’s easy to use the shortcuts by following mild steps and making your work done without any hesitation. 


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