Tips To Save Battery On OnePlus 7 Pro When Battery Is Draining Faster

OnePlus 7 pro Battery Saving tips and Increase Battery life

All the Smartphone kill battery when we use some battery draining features, Here are the optimization techniques that will play well for Save OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life. OnePlus 7 pro has a big display than any other one Plus device. OnePlus 7 Pro has 4000mAh Battery, but then so the battery is draining faster. Here in this tutorial, we are going to guide for solving the problem of battery draining. Important Settings for OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Saving Tips, Increase OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life, Battery Settings on OnePlus 7 Pro, Optimize OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life.

OnePlus has launched its great phone, but every phone has some advantages and disadvantages. So we can consider that battery is draining in OnePlus 7 Pro is somewhat its disadvantage. But we have a solution to this problem.

Fix Battery drain Problem on OnePlus 7 Pro due to the following reason.

OnePlus 7 pro Battery Saving tips and Increase Battery life

OnePlus 7 pro Battery Saving tips and Increase Battery life

Here we are providing you the causes and the solution for it:

1. Ambient Display and Screen Time Out

The display is the main reason for battery drainage. For this, you need to change the settings of Screen Timeout and Ambient Display. Follow the steps given below to change the settings:

Step 1: Go to Settings and open it.
Step 2: In Settings visit to Display option.
Step 3: In Display scroll down and you will find the Ambient option Display, Click on it.
Step 4: As you click on it When To Show option will display on the screen.
Step 5: Under When to Show option, there will be two options:

1. Pick up your phone to show.
2. Tap the screen to show.

You need to enable the second option and disable the first option. Now Ambient Display setting is done, and we need to set Screen Timeout.

Step 6: Go Back to Display option and Click on it.
Step 7:  Click on Sleep to set the screen timeout, and set the timer to 30 seconds to extend battery life.

If possible, Turn off Vibration mode and Disable Unused notifications that come on your screen when Mobile is locked or unlocked. News App Notifications, Reddit Notifications, Messenger Notifications and many other types of notification that you can manage from mobile’s Settings app > Notifications.

2. Drop the Screen resolution and Refresh Rate

OnePlus 7 Pro is the first phone with 90Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution display. This both features consumes more battery as well. To save battery drainage, you need to adjust both settings. Follow the steps to change the settings :

Step 1: Go to Settings, open it.
Step 2: As settings open scroll down and click on the Display option.
Step 3: In Display Click on Resolution option.
Step 4: Select Fhd+ in resolution option.

Now screen resolution is set.and come back to the Display option.

Step 5: In Display find Screen Refresh Rate option, tap on it.
Step 6: Set the Rate to 60HZ.

And this is done, Now your Battery drainage will be less.

3. Isolated Apps Draining The Battery

Sometimes Battery drainage is occurred due to the usage of app.for finding the app which consumes more power follow the

steps are given below:

Step 1: Go to Settings and open it.
Step 2: In Settings, scroll down and tap on Battery option.
Step 3: View the Battery usage in detail manner an find the app consumes more power. The app consumes power more than 10% without using that app is draining more battery; you need to check the app.
So by doing this, you can solve the problem of battery drainage.

4. Configure Battery Saver

Make sure that you always on the battery saver when the phone battery is lower. For this, we recommend that you should set the automatic enable to some percentage. Follow the steps given below to start battery saver and or to set it at

the automatic start:

Step 1: Launch the Settings.
Step 2: In Settings tap on Battery option.
Step 3: Click on Battery Saver in Battery option.
Step 4: Enable the turn on automatically option by flipping the toggle.
Step 5: And set the battery percentage at which the Power Saver Mode is to be started. We recommend setting the Percentage of 15-20.

By this way, you can save battery drainage when you have low Battery.

So this is the ways by which you can reduce or stop the problem of batter drainage.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Force Close all apps that run in the background after used, Like Google Map, Uber, Ola, and Hotel Booking or Flight Booking apps.

Also, you can do it using force restart your mobile, it battery stuck or not charging and Background app is not closing.

Is there a problem with your Battery

You can ask and contact the mobile customer support online or phone call. also you can visit the nearby service station. They will check all the things and get positive solutions all the time.

Above all the most helpful and pro tips that never say your smartphone company. Share the tips with others that helpful in Save OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life and Battery saver tips for oneplus mobile.

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