How To Find a Lost Galaxy S10/Galaxy S10 Plus Phone Using The Find My Mobile Service or Google

How to Track lost Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

have you forgotten or lost your Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus on public places like travel in Bus, Car, Train, and coffee shop? we have the free solution that prevents from all types stealers and lost your mobile. But now a days track a lost mobile from any company is really Easy, here i gonna show you what to do if lost my Galaxy S10/ Galaxy S10 Plus then how to track or Find the exact location on another mobile or Computer with near by address or area name. important Data types in lost mobiles are Contacts, Mails (That we can remotely logout),  Text Messages,

Losing your Galaxy Device would be the worst experience as by losing your device you may be lost your data and your Priceless memories. If you lose your Device, your data can be misused by others.

Samsung has brought the Solution to this stress of the user. If a user has the Samsung account on the device, it may help in finding the phone by calling or texting on a device or by tracking the location using a location tracking service of the device.

Note: This functions can only be performed if your device is connected with the internet either by Wi-Fi or by Mobile data.

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To enable your phone tracking after it is lost, you have Set-up this service in your device. Follow the steps to enable this service: that will help in get lost galaxy S10/S10 Plus location.

Steps for Enable Find my Device for Galaxy S10/ Galaxy S10 Plus

Step 1: Go to settings, and open it.

Step 2: In settings, open Lock and Security option.

Step 3: In Lock and security option, scroll down and search the option of Find My Mobile. As find it tap on it.

Step 4: Check if your Samsung account is displayed and turn on all the available settings.

Enable find my device on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Enable find my device on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

You will also find link which you have to note so that when your phone is lost, you can log in with Samsung account through this.

i you done like Samsung Find my Device, use Find my Device by Google

Install Google Find my Device app on android mobile, Register you device with your Gmail accouny. and Track your all registered device on any other device with same gmail account from here.

Now let us see How to track your Galaxy S10/ Galaxy S10 or other models:

Step 1: Login with your Samsung account at either with phone browser or with a PC browser.

Step 2: As you log in you will be able to see a list of the device registered to find my mobile, from the list select your device that is lost. If your device is connected with the internet you will find the area where it located and will also find a few options.

lost mobile check on Map, There is a updated location that your device send to Samsung server.

Options will be:

Enable find my device on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Enable find my device on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

1. Ring the phone Remotely:

Though these options your phone will ring for 1 min at its maximum volume, it will ring even if you have kept it on Vibrate or Mute mode.

2.Lock the phone: lost Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus block

By this feature, you can lock device, suspend the cards registered in Samsung Pay, Turn off the biometric notification in Samsung Pass, and lock the Power off the option of the device. This option will prevent your phone from being switched off if someone holds the phone and tries to power off your phone will remain on due to this option.

3. Erase the data:

By this option your data will be enduringly erased and can’t be able to retrieve it once you proceed You can’t be able to get your Samsung Pay Cards. If you erase your data your phone will be reset and you won’t be able to control it anymore.

*If Google is a register on your phone, then you will need to sign again in your account before using your phone.

4. Back up files:

Through this, you can select the apps and data you want back going on your Samsung Cloud.

5. Retrieve Calls and Messages:

You can retrieve your latest calls and messages from your phone. You can retrieve up to 50 latest calls and messages

6. Unlock the device:

With the help of this feature we can you can unlock your phone remotely. This feature is helpful when forgetting your unlocking method.

By using this feature all your screen lock information will be deleted. If your phone is not supported to the latest version or has an older version of Android, then your biometrics may not be deleted. And hence we suggest you keep an updated version.

To verify your ownership click on unlock and enter a correct password.

7.Extend the battery life :

Extend your battery life by using Ultra power saving mode. This will extend your time to locate the device.

Name of the Mode may vary according to device and version of the software.
Note: When you extend your battery life you won’t be able to get back up in Samsung Cloud.

8. Set Guardians:

Guardians set by you, remotely perform the functions given below. You can change or delete Guardians whenever you want.

-Locate Your device:

This will help you to locate your phone. If your phone is lost or is with some other person like family members, friends, etc.

-Activate Emergency Mode: that report a lost mobile to your country security system.

By activating emergency mode, your guardians can help you in finding your lost phone.

-Ring device:

By this feature you can ring your device, this helps you in finding your lost phone.

Extra workouts: lost mobile customer care number

if you purchased any premium package that cover lost mobile safety, so check it first and claim to company (That Either Samsung or other third-Party insurance company). Dial a number and register IMEI number so company can help from red alert device (That has no Find my Device Activated or Not Turn on, No any Auto Backup or remote tracking turned on). Hope you enjoyed my tutorial on what we can do if my Galaxy S10/ S10 Plus lost.

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