How to Transfer Photos from OnePlus 7T/7 Pro Phones to PC

SynciOS for OnePlus Mobile

Oneplus Android device is the best and wonderful mobile in the market. also, it has grown in the market very fast. oneplus device has amazing camera quality and bright and colorful screen, appealing design. everyone likes to capture pictures during the occasion also people capture or record wonderful moments of life.

Oneplus have been served great camera us. because all moment picture is most important in our life. with this, it is necessary to process transfer or backup photos taken from mobile to pc to free up phone space also save it to pc for future viewing. so let’s see with us how to transfer photos & videos from OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro to PC.

How to Transfer Photos From OnePlus to PC [Available for Mac]

SynciOS for OnePlus Mobile

SynciOS for OnePlus Mobile

here you can easily transfer different wonderful photos and videos in your one plus phone to pc. here we share with you the various best solution for transfer photo from OnePlus to the computer.

SynciOS is one of the useful PC software for managing your All mobile devices. So we can extract All kinds of Data from mobile to PC or Backup selected data types or all data very easily.

Solution 1: Transfer Photos from OnePlus to PC using Syncios Manager

if you want to transfer photos and videos from OnePlus to the computer if you stuck in  Syncios Manager. Moving forward is a really great option. you can easily use this tool for a detail useless photo and also you can transfer important photo mobile to pc. here you have just installed and launch Syncios Manager on OnePlus to access it.

  • 1. first, download Syncios Manager [].
  • 2. select and download the latest version of Syncios Manager.
  • 3. now, allow the app to install.
  • 4. Launch Syncios Manager on your computer.
  • 5.  first, complete the above process, and then Connect Oneplus to pc Using available USB cable.
  • 6. Wait for a Second to Complete the Synchronization Process.
  • 7. now, Select and tap the photo option.
  • 8. Tap and select the photo and album that you want to transfer to the computer.
  • 9. press Export to confirm the situation.
  • 10. Tap and Select the Saving path. now press the export button. wait for few seconds to complete to photo and video transferring process from OnePlus to pc.
    that’s it. use the above process and do your photos and video transferred from your OnePlus to PC.

Solution 2: Create a Backup of your Photos to PC

  • 1. Click the backup function. first, upgrade Syncios [].
  • 2. Complete it and after launch the one-click backup tool.
  • 3. Go Toolkit section on the OnePlus device.
  • 4. then click the 1-click Backup icon to start the backup tool.
  • 5. Now select photo and video to transfer from your oneplus to pc.
  • 6. Use the Syncios and load your photo and other data saved on the oneplus device.
  • 7. Display data in the center of the panel.
  • 8. here you can see four files: Media, Photos, Apps & Information.
  • 9. select the photo that you want to transfer from your device to pc from the provisions above option.
  • 10. Tap on Backup Option.

wait for few seconds to complete this process.

use our article perfectly and Transferring photos from OnePlus phones to the computer. it is not hard to process. it’s easy to handle. do it carefully you get the best result as soon as. guys, share our article with your friend and group. have a nice day!

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