You tube app keeps crashing on Android Mobile

Millions of people love Android mobile because it has innumerable games, applications. In all applications which one is best famous and most downloaded app that is “YOUTUBE” you tube give allow to share, save, upload and watch videos. And one right that young and old age people addiction with you tube. No one application without the problem so here the same youtube has also one issue that youtube is crashing 2018.

You people watch your favorite video that time your youtube suddenly crashed. So obviously you are irritated. So everyone mind has one question why is my youtube crashing? But calm down because our hand has your problem solution that how to stop youtube crashing. We give solution for all android mobile like Samsung galaxy S9/S9plus, LG V30, Huawei P20, Huawei P20pro, Oppo R11s, HTC, Blackberry, Honor 7X, Moto, Asus, Sony Xperia, Google pixel 2, Motorola smartphone youtube crashing problem.

Fix the freezing & Troubleshooting Guide – you tube

Here we present few steps to how to fix youtube crashing on your Android

Fix1: Internet check on your android mobile

first check internet connection may be your mobile data finish so connect your wifi,

otherwise, select another network.

Fix2: Update youtube

Update your youtube latest version.

Google play store>menu icon> select app & game> find application> select apps> youtube>


Fix3: Restart & resolve device  You will enjoy your youtube video that time youtube crashing so here one thing you do

easily that select restart icon.

Fix4: clear cache and data

Setting> select apps> go to youtube app> tap it> clear & cache> Tap on FORCE STOP>                      launch  App again.

Fix5: Reset the device

Setting> scroll to men> backup & reset> tap factory data reset> reset phone.

Fix6: close up space on your android mobile Insufficient space also one reason, which makes your youtube crashing. So please uninstall your misuse app. So go with our solution

Settings> navigate to apps> click to download app>  peck and select app you want to uninstall.

Fix7:  Reinstall the app          

Your youtube reinstall one time, please. Because maybe you reinstall the app and solve your

The problem that youtube is crashing android.

Fix8: wipe cache partition

Still not your problem solves so here take a step wiping cache partition in case that solution given work.

Turn off device> press combination of keys> use power and volume button> recovery mode>Wipe cache partition> restart the device.

Fix9: OS needs an update

 OS older version maybe being the reason for crashing the app. So fast update your OS                        with my Following hint:

Setting> scroll and search about phone> select and tap system update or software update.

Here use some our tips and solve your problem. Enjoy your day.


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