How to Turn on Call Block on OnePlus 6

how to call block on onepls 6 (1)

That’s good! you got new OnePlus 6 android device. you know very well how to block number from the contact list on your OnePlus 6/5/5T Also, you have multiple choice and reason to block phone number OnePlus 6. Spammers and telemarketer increase now a day that always disturbs and bothering with avoidable calls.

This blocking word is attribute to reject call on OnePlus 6. So here we use these both word to explain how to block unknown call on OnePlus 6.

how to call block on onepls 6 (1)

Block the Call from the Unknown Caller

Sometimes you are tired to unknow call and you have no idea how to do? Relax! Guys, here give tip to How to block a number for OnePlus 6. This problem is I think big for you so here most sensitive and effective fixing we present. That main target is found Oneplus 6 Auto reject list on your device. And press the option unknown callers on the android device. now, you do just toggle to ON.

Block the Call from Individual caller

This method is used block call from your contact number. Open the mobile app, press on log and select contact number that you want to block and finish that process. and now click on more option & click to auto reject list.

How to Block Call from the Auto Reject Call

This is the wonderful and popular way of blocking the call on OnePlus 6. Open the mobile application and top right-side corner click to More. And now click setting and fine call rejection option. And click the option Auto call reject.

Use above step and block the call easily.

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