How to Turn on Driving Mode on Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3: Automatically turn on Driving Mode on Android P 9.0

Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3 XL both are amazing mobile. There is one of the best features that driving mode. Driving mode features is very important for you. You guys safety is the most important thing in our life. Whenever you drive your car and bike that time always disturbs our mobile. So guys here Google pixel 3 and Google pixel 3 XL both mobile have one caring feature that driving mode. Whenever you driving that time automatically start driving mode in your pixel device.

In our article, we give you information that automatically turns on driving mode on pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL Android P 9.0 device. So, guys let’s see how to turn on/off Driving Mode Android P 9.0 device. When you are drive cars, bike or other vehicles, that time automatically starts to enable DND mode. If you want safe to drive so, please follow our below articles step by step

Driving Mode Will Start Android Auto or Do Not Disturb Automatically on a Pixel Device

here we give method how to turn on or off drive mode on a pixel, pixel 2, pixel 2 xl, pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl device.

How to Turn On Driving Mode on Do Not Disturb Mode on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Device

Setting> sound> do not disturb> turn on automatically> add rule> driving

Follow above short tips and enable driving mode on pixel 2 Android Oreo 8.0 device.

Automatically Turn On Driving Mode Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 While Driving vehicles

Driving mode is good features. Its come with Latest mobile pixel 3 XL and pixel 3. When you people are driving car or bike also vehicles, it will automatically turn on do not disturb mode. Lats see below setting to automatically active Android auto and turn on driving mode pixel 3 P 9.0 Android device.

Step 1: Open Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL android mobile screen.

Step 2: Tap Setting Option.

Step 3: Tap Connected device Under setting option.

Step 4: Tap connection preference.

When you tap connection preference options that time you will see Bluetooth, NFC, Android Beam, cast, printing, received file and driving mode.

Step 5: Tap driving mode option. And choose to turn off driving mode.

Step 6: Tap behaviour.

Step 7: here you will see two option open Android auto/ turn on do not disturb.

Step 8: tap option- turn on automatically.

Step 9: if you people drive a car, choose the option from when connected to Bluetooth/ chain driving is detected.

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