How to Turn On Earphone Mode in OnePlus 6t Android Pie

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Android users can use Earphone mode with extended features. With this feature, you can automatically push and resume music playback while you plug in or plug out Headphone jack on your OnePlus 6t. This Earphone mode work as a smart answer for an incoming call. You can auto answer call when Earphone is connected. Or you Can also take a call on Bluetooth speaker or External Speaker for a call.

In your OnePlus 6t mobile, you can add Earphone mode shortcut in your notification shade. This is a shortcut method: Swipe down your finger from the top and Find out the Quick Settings shortcuts like WiFi or Bluetooth. Find out Earphone mode icon and tap on it to enable directly from home screen.
And the second’s way you can also try to enable Earphone mode on your OnePlus 6t, Follow the below steps.

How to Turn On Earphone Mode in OnePlus 6t

How to Disable/Enable Earphone mode on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

Step 1: open/unlock the mobile screen.

step 2: tap the setting gear icon.

Step 3: Tap sound option.
under sound option, you will show more option like Do not disturb earphone mode, Audio tuner, phone ringtone, touch sound, default notification sound, and more sound settings option.

Step 4: Tap earphone mode.

Step 5: turn on AutoPlay.

now automatically start music when earphone connects in OnePlus 6t android 9.0 device.

Here some more settings for earphone mode on OnePlus 6t.

1. Speak caller ID
speaks the incoming caller ID via earphones.

2. Autoplay
Automatically play or pause music when connecting earphones.

3. A smart answer for Bluetooth 
During an incoming call, connect the bluetooth audio device to answer.

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