Turn On/ Enable Dark Mode on OnePlus 6t or Change Theme Colour on OnePlus 6t

How to use Alert slider in OnePlus 6T

Black Screen or Dark mode on OnePlus 6t on Screen change the Look and Feel at all levels. So we can save more Battery, Increase the Visibility at night that helps to read the text and play Game in a night. Without Third-Party app we can turn on Dark mode on OnePus 6t from official options. Also apple different color for settings, Toggle in the control center and more.

Turn On Enable Dark Mode on OnePlus 6t (1)

Steps for Enable Dark Mode on OnePlus 6t running on android P

1. Go to the Settings app on OnePlus 6t.

2. Next, Scroll down and Find Display option.

3. Now, Tap on Theme option and select the Dark option to convert your Oneplus 6t screen inthe dark background. also you can select other option Light or Colourful.

> Colourful/Dark/Light

Set Custome color for the screen like Green, Red and more

Dark mode will automatically apply in Background on Notification panel and Home screen, (Mail, Message, Contact app, Photo and more) App installed on OnePlus 6t and settings app.

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