Turn on/ Enable Super Slow motion on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

Are you already crazy about buying the OnePlus 6t? we give you best tips how you can Turn on/ Enable Super Slow motion video and play around with them on the exciting and latest Oneplus 6t flagship. Slow motion camera is good and success full features. but, it’s not new and not big surprising like Night scene camera mode because both previous Oneplus model OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5t already record super slow motion video features.

Before we recording super slow motion video, let’s clear the Basic concept behind it. Oneplus 6t record 1280p slow motion video app 30 frames per second. That means camera can record 30 frames in a single [email protected]/60fps, [email protected]/60/240fps, [email protected] Now let’s see how to record slow motion video on OnePlus 6.

1. sLow motion video on oneplus 6t

OnePlus 6 Android Pie Slow motion mobile camera: How to record and edit slow motion videos on the new

Oneplus 6t slow-motion video setting comes with many setting options. And one most important thing is you will find everything under a single roof. for trim slow motion video, open gallery video and adjust the edges, and click on the trim. When you share your important video don’t forget to trim before sending.
Also, you can add music to your mobile music library and apply for your choice of filters. And make slow motion video lovely.
One thing is very important that always shoot a video in a bright place and well-lit area.
Now let’s look and teach how to shoot slow-motion video on oneplus 6t. here we guide, follow it step-by-step recording a slow-motion video on oneplus 6t.

Step 1: Swipe down notification panel from the top of the screen.

Step 2: Tap Setting gear icon.

Step 3: Tap App menu.

Step 4: Tap Camera app.

Step 5: now, scroll down the screen, you will see many video mode option.

Step 6: find slow motion video option and open it.

Step 7: now, start recording a slow-motion video. here one notice one thing that video length is only 1 minute after an automatic pause.

Step 8: After go on your oneplus 6t gallery, and open slow motion video. video record with full resolution.

Step 9: adjust the edges, and tap on Trim- here you can get one option that edits and trim.

imporatant note: trim your video before sharing.

Step 10: after you can add music from the built-in library.

Step 11: and last save the super slow-motion video and share it.

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