Turn on Night Scene Detection or Night Mode on OnePlus 6t

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Yupp… Finally, you got wonderful and spectacular new smartphone OnePlus 6t in hand. OnePlus 6t flagship device in this year. it all Amazing features, Oneplus 6t Android Pie 9.0 brings many great new features. but one is the best and definitely excited that night mode camera. Also, OnePlus 6t comes with new features like night mode camera, better edge detection in portrait, improved scene detection and Google lens.

Night mode camera function is very comfortable and enjoyable by banishing blue light also it new amazing features in the new OnePlus 6t’s camera application. Is new night scene detection camera allow to capture the low light shot. And it gives the result a bunch of long exposure photos. here we talk about in our article turn on night scene detection on night mode on OnePlus 6t.

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How to activate night mode on OnePlus 6t/ how do I enable night mode on my device?

You, people, use night mode camera function that time very impressive thing – stable your hand as possible when you click night shot. If you careless for this thing, your tiniest mistake Steal the sharpness of photos. Here we share with you more serious note: blue light is very harmful, it has a various negative effect on you, from rattling your sleep Cycle to abolishing melatonin.

You can manually switch to the night mode camera on OnePlus 6t. You can easily set a camera to detect night scene. Here we teach you how to activate night mode on OnePlus 6t.

Step 1: turn on the OnePlus 6t Android device.

Step 2: Tap the setting icon.

Step 3: scroll the screen, you will see the auto night theme detection option.

Step 4: Turn On night mode toggle.

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Now, night scene camera will be turned on automatically when the night scene is detected.

You are done, now your night mode camera function automatically turns on when night scene detect. And giving your eyes rest throughout your day.

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