How To Turn Off Auto-Correct On Samsung A70/A50/A30, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e

Turn off Auto or Auto-Replace on Galaxy S10 and A70 A50 A30

Due to auto-correct people face many difficulties and because of these people get tired and exhausted while typing the messages. But Samsung users don’t have to feel tired because your company provides you the option to disable the Auto-Correct and also to disable Auto-Replace on your device.

So we will tell you how to Turn-off Auto-Correct and Auto-Replace in the very easy and simplest way. Just follow the steps given below:

Turn off Auto or Auto-Replace on Galaxy S10 and A70 A50 A30

Turn off Auto or Auto-Replace on Galaxy S10 and A70 A50 A30

Firstly We Will See How Turn-Off Replace on Samsung A30/A50/A70 or Galaxy S10

Step 1: Open the Settings.
Step 2: In Settings,open General Management.
Step 3: Select Language and Input.
Step 4: Click on the On-Screen Keyboard option.
Step 5: In that choose Samsung Keyboard.

Note: Some of the Samsung users doesn’t use Samsung Keyboard So they can select the Keyboard according to their convenience.

Step 6: Click on Smart Typing.
Step 7: Now turn-off/Disable Predictive Text option on Samsung A30/A50/A70.

Predictive text works as a suggestion while you type, this will increase the typing speed but some user like annoying. So we need to disable at this time.

So Now You Can Enjoy Faultless Typing On Your Device.

Now let us see how to turn-off Auto-Replace in Samsung A30/A50/A70

Step 1: Open Settings.
Step 2: In Settings locate and open General Management.
Step 3: Click on Language and Input.
Step 4: Choose the Keyboard according to your convenience.
Step 5: Select Smart Typing.

Step 6: Choose and Turn-off Auto-Replace on your Samsung A30/A50/A70.

So now your Auto-Correct and Auto-Replace options are been disabled successfully On your device.

In the future, if you like to enable the Auto-Correct and Auto-Replace option then follow the steps given above and enable it.

Predictive text and Auto-Replace feature for keyboard settings are very useful but sometimes we need to turn off. People who don’t know these settings, so they are switching and installing other third-party keyboards on your device like Gboard and more. But we have a solution, So don’t miss to share with your friends.

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