How to Turn off Autoplay Video on Website in Browser

In today’s Internet world video and are the exception for the user who is not happy to play video ads in the browser after launching on website suddenly. Sometimes it makes annoying for you and around your area because it plays in the background silently or on speaker. That means we confused where is the video playing in my system so this is the prevention method that helps to stop or turn off autoplay video on the website for all time without any custom configuration and add websites in blacklist like that.

Here I am explaining to you how to disable or stop HTML5 and Flash Player video on the different browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and edge.

Disable auto playing video in Google Chrome

Widely people on the Internet using Google Chrome on the desktop or mobile platform so we first see how to block or disable auto-playing video on the website. Google web page easily and fast in load on the website so it gives amazing User experience. But unhappy things is that website owners are implementing video Ads for making fixed passive income using video ads only on runtime.

Go to the safe below and find the way to disable autoplay video in Google Chrome websites install disable HTML5 extension available in Google Chrome store. Or just click on this link and click on add to Chrome at top right corner of the screen. Once you installed extension in the browser

1 Disable HTML 5 Autoplay video on browser chrome

1. go to the settings scroll down and click on the advanced settings

2. under the privacy see the content settings

3. open this content setting and scroll down the flash.

4. Enable ask first before Allowing sites to run flash and save the settings for your browser.

If you find anything unexpected like your browser taking too much time open webpage or unresponsive it anytime especially for the flash websites or video ads.

So remove the extension or disable the settings.

Opera users can also use same Addons in opera page.

Turn off autoplay video in Mozilla Firefox

Your fiance can manage flash video on HTML5 video in Mozilla Browser.

Type about:config in address bar and find the hidden configuration settings on your Mozilla Browser page.

Now search for autoplay and see the option like media.autoplay.embed settings and make it false.

Activate Shockwave Flash

Go to Fairfax menu > add-ons. Go to the plugin page and place login look for “Shockwave Flash” and “Ask to activate

Stop Auto Play Video in Edge

Go to the settings > under the advanced settings turn off a flash player.

Same thing you can also fine for the social websites like a student Peter they can allow the user to stop video playing in the browser, automatically. Go to your account in your social profile and settings for stop autoplay video in browser or app

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