How to turn off notification reminder on galaxy S9 &S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Notification reminder

Android mobile has lots of facilities but in all facility have one is best that notification. But some people don’t like it. Are you troublesome by continuous repeat notification on Samsung mobile? Some developer gives order spam to you also with advertising messages and other updates step up their application and patent and many old updates. And here one thing constant repeat on your mobile screen that uninstalls the offending software. But you people like most of your installed apps and game so here not need to uninstall that.

If you have no need notification sound so here read some most important tips. That provides knowledge for turn notification sound off Galaxy S9. Their steps are below:

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Notification reminder

You should be using accessibility setting and stop notification sound on Samsung S9 &S9 plus.

1: open your phone and tap setting bar swipe panel and tap again setting gear icon.

2: then tap Accessibility. In accessibility setting in you can see notification reminder.

3: tap notification reminder and go to more setting.

4:   in this notification reminder of having two option that Enables/disable.

Here you people want off notification sound so tap disable. That time on your mobile screen give one message: turn off notification reminder?

5: tap on turn off (now you people does not disturb with notification sound)

And you people want to listen notification sound, so you change notification reminder below setting here:

(Android setting > Accessibility setting > more setting > notification sound reminder >notification setting > reminder interval> choose time (select 1 minute/ 3minute/ 5minute/10 minute/15 minute)

To turn on notification reminder on Samsung galaxy S9 & S9 plus repeat the above step and set to turn on.

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