How to Turn On/Off the Predictive Text with OnePlus 6t: Android p

That’s good, you have OnePlus 6t smart mobile. Oneplus 6t come with too many amazing features. It has large 3700 mAh battery, its is support it’s 6.41 inch screen, Optic AMOLED display and rich camera resolution of 1080 x 2340 at 402 ppi. also it has one beautiful features that predicative text. its very useful because now a day people to much use massage app like Facebook, whatsapp and twitter. this is amazing features that easily and speedy text when you are using Any manageress app and OnePlus 6t mobile. this is good facility but some people do not like it. so guys here we explain How to Disable/Turn Off Predictive text on OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os: Hide Prediction Bar.

How to turn off auto correct? how to turn off predictive text on oneplus 6? you have that type question. We give you all the information to change the predictive setting on OnePlus 6t android Pie.

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Turn off Predictive text android Pie: OnePlus 6t

Set # 1: Swipe down notification panel on the top of the screen and turn on the mobile screen.

Set # 2: Tap Setting gear icon.

Set # 3: Tap Language and Input.

Set # 4: now go with OnePlus 6t keyboard.

Set # 5: Turn Off Predictive text Option.

after some time you need predictive text, so you can use the above setting and turn on it.
use the above tips and make your predictive text better on OnePlus 6t.

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Text correction option for OnePlus 6t Oxygen Os

if you want to easily choose the correct word in the wrong way. so go with the mobile main menu and add your word on the dictionary.

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