How to Turn on Screen Mirroring on OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is amazing phone also it has fantastic features. their one features are Screen mirroring. Do you know Screen Mirroring? Here we give a guide about screen mirroring. Let’s see how to Turn on screen Mirroring on OnePlus 6. Here is multiple choice to compose to advantages on OnePlus 6 to screen things from your OnePlus 6.

Here we give tips and guide how to turn on Screen mirroring on OnePlus 6 on a TV. You just use right software and follow our guide.

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How to connect screen mirroring from OnePlus 6

  • open setting option on OnePlus device.
  • turn on Wi-Fi.
  • right top side three dots tap it and open more option.
  • Press Advanced
  • Tap Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Press menu button simultaneously on TV remote.
  • Open network.
  • Press on TV option on your Oneplus 6 mobile to connect a couple of device with Wi-Fi direct.
  • Now use network option of the TV for the name of the option is Screen Mirror and open it.
  • open setting and go with Display menu.
  • Scroll down the screen and press on cast and connect your device.
  • Now you mirrored your OnePlus with TV

Method 2: Wireless Connection – Connect OnePlus 5 to TV

  • Buy an Allshare Dongle on Amazon because it needs you than buying the Hub, using HDMI cable and connect it with your TV. (guys’ if you have Smartphone So you don’t need it)
  • Now you should connect your OnePlus 6 mobile & the hub otherwise your TV to Wi-Fi. And provide the same network because they need the same network.
  • Go to the setting option on your mobile Screen And press on Screen mirroring option.

Method 3: Hard-Wired Connection – Connect OnePlus 5 to TV

  • First, buy MHL adapter, you need it. It gives perfect work with OnePlus 6/5/5T.
  • Now, connect your Smartphone.
  • After, power supply to the adapter.
  • You can also use Standard HDMI cable and connect with your TV.
  • On TV to the HDMI input. (if you have old Tv then you need HDMI adapter)

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