How to Turn on Screen Recording on OnePlus 7 Pro, Change Resolution & Record Audio

Start Screen Recording OnePlus 7 Pro and Customize Screen Recording Settings on OnePlus 7 Pro, it is available and the coolest feature on OnePlus 7 Pro with custom settings for Screen Recording Resolution and Audio type Source [Input Audio as System Sound or External Microphone or headphone audio as a natural Human voice]. Also, We can Show/ record Touch Operation during Screen Recording. OnePlus has launched its 7 series. It has the great features and affordable price.

Through Screen recording, you can record the things that are happening on your screen. This feature is very much useful when you want to keep watch what the person is doing with your phone. This is used when you give your device to someone in your absence you can see what they have done in your device.

In your OnePlus 7 Pro, you can also change resolution, Bit Rate, and the Audio Source while the screen recording is on. Touch Marker is enabled by default, this will be helpful for you.

And the working of it is very easy. Screen recording will automatically pause when you touch the lock screen option. There is compact control which will be invisible as you start recording. Double Tap on the screen to bring back the controls, to stop the recording.

How to Start Screen Recording on OnePlus 7 Pro, Select Audio Type and Change the Resolution

For starting the screen recording and changing the settings. Follow the steps given below:

Start Screen Recording on OnePlus 7 Pro quickly

Start Screen Recording on OnePlus 7 Pro quickly

Step 1: Scroll down the Quick settings option. [Swipe finger to the View Notification panel on the lock screen or unlocked screen]
Step 2: Click on the Screen Recorder option.
Step 3: Before starting the recording you need to change some settings.
Step 4: Tap on the settings icon available beside the recording icon the screen.
Step 5: Change the Screen Resolution Setting and Audio Source Setting. [Select System Sound or Use External Voice or Recording audio using Headphone or Microphone]

Screen Recording Settings on OnePlus 7 Pro for Audio Source Touch and Resolutions

Screen Recording Settings on OnePlus 7 Pro for Audio Source Touch and Resolutions

Step 6: Click on the Screen Resolution Option, and set up the screen resolution according to your choice.
Step 7: Click on Audio Source, and select the Internal Audio option.
Step 8: Now start the screen recording.

Now enjoy your screen recording and keep watch on your device when you are giving your device to someone.

You will see the app is working until you manually close the app. Without any Third-Party Screen Recording app start Screen Recording in Any Resolution on OnePlus 7 Pro with Custom Touch Gesture, Show/Hide Touch Operation and more settings.

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