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Oneplus 6t is great for camera photography, in this Auto Smile Detection is amazing. that we customize from the settings app. Let’s Disable or Turn on Smile Detection on OnePlus 6t running on any android version.

Without the press, the shutter button capture camera clicks from OnePlus 6t.

Turn on Smile Detection on OnePlus 6t

Steps for Disable or Turn off Smile Detection on OnePlus 6t or OnePlus 6

Step 1: go to the Settings app on Oneplus 6t.

Step 2: Next, Scroll down and find the option under selfie.

Step 3: Under the Selfie, Enable “Smile Capture” toggle. that means “Automatically take the photo when smiles are detected”.

That’s it.

turn off or turn on Smile Capture that auto capture camera when smile detect on oneplus 6t (1)

Turn off or Disable Auto Smile Capture or Smile Detection on Oneplus 6t

Step 1:  Open Settings app on your OnePlus 6t.

Step 2:  Now, Scroll Down and Find the option for “Smile Capture” under the Selfie section.

Step 3: Disable it, that makes a turn-off and don’t press the camera shutter button while your OnePlus 6t camera detects the face with a smile or not. To capture now press the button manually just like old ways.

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