how to turn on or turn off camera shutter sound on HTC U12/camera click disable

HTC U12 camera shutter sound off

Wow! That’s great HTC U12 is not far for us. HTC announced release date via Twitter. Lunch date has been confirmed 23 May. HTC U12 is the very impressive phone. HTC U12 has Android 8.1 Oreo version. Today every people hobby is photography, and so everyone wants best and latest camera result. It has latest two 18 MP camera.

HTC U12 camera shutter sound off

The camera is a precious part of the smartphone. Some people don’t like to camera sound, many places not allow noise that time you need to camera shutter sound off. So, guys, we manage it efficiently. Follow our step and make your camera free from the sound.

Guys we are with you, here we present some method for how to turn off camera shutter sound on HTC U12.

Step For Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound On HTC U12

we give you three methods

# 1: Turn off ring volume

Press side button and down volume until your phone will vibrate.

And here various type of volume like media volume, ring volume, alarm volume. So, guys, you first ring volume decrees otherwise do your mobile silent.

# 2:  use camera setting

Open you’re your android HTC U12 mobile screen.

Now go on setting icon and tap it.

Scroll down the screen and find option camera shutter sound off.

Select and tap camera shutter sound off.

# 3: launch third-party camera

This is a really easy way to avoid camera sound. Application that whom without camera sound. This application doesn’t make camera shutter sound. Whenever you click photo that time doesn’t make noise.

Download above application.

Silent camera – download

Silent camera(High Quality) – Download

Use above tips, share it and enjoy your day.

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