Unable to Scan Fingerprint On OnePlus 7 Pro, Unable to Scan Fingerprint

Fingerprint Sensor Not Working Oneplus 7 pro

Fix the issue for Fingerprint Sensor not Working on OnePlus 7 Pro, Unable to Scan Fingerprint on OnePlus 7 Pro has the in-built finger scanner on the screen. Many users have reported that the scanner is unable to scan the fingerprint. As the fingerprint scanner is an electronic software it has some defects or problems related to software, thus it is not the mistake of the phone company.

Fingerprint works as a most secured security as it uses biometrics of finger to detect the user. Many users have complained that fingerprint scanner is not working, or is unable to scan a fingerprint. Today here in this tutorial we are going to give you some solutions which can solve your problem.

Troubleshooting steps for Unable to Scan Fingerprint On OnePlus 7 Pro, Failed to Verify Fingerprint lock

Fingerprint Sensor Not Working Oneplus 7 pro

Fingerprint Sensor Not Working Oneplus 7 pro

Primary Solution: Hard Reboot Your iPhone

Before trying all the solutions we recommend you to reboot your device once. and after rebooting try to scan the Fingerprint.

To Hard Reboot your iPhone, Press and Hold Power button and Volume Down button at the same time. Continue to hold down until phone vibrates and restart. Press and power button to start again for 1 to 2 seconds.

Solution 1: Add And Remove Fingerprint

If your device is not able to scan the fingerprint which you have registered in the device. Then you should remove and add the fingerprint again. Follow the steps given below to reset the fingerprint:

Step 1: Go to Settings, and open it.
Step 1: Scroll Down in settings and tap on Security And Lock Screen Option.
Step 2: In Security and Lock Screen option click on Fingerprint option.
Step 3: Remove all the fingerprint.
Step 4: Then reboot your device.
Step 5: If after device reboot then again add the Fingerprint by following the above steps again.

Solution 2: Hard Reset Your Device

Hard Reset can lost your data so we recommend you to take a backup firstly then hard reset your device. Hard reset your device and then again add the fingerprint and try again.

Step 1: Power off your device by Pressing Power Button.
Step 2: After this Press and Hold On Volume Down Key and Power Button Simultaneously.
Step 3: Release all the Buttons when you notice the change in the screen.
Step 4: After that Enter your Password to unlock your device.
Step 5: After that select Wipe Data and Cache.
Step 6: Click on Erase everything and accept that.
Step 7: OK then it’s Done.
Step 8: Reboot your device after the process is ended.

Solution 3: Software Update

In updating your Software your data might be lost. So first take the backup and then Update your software. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Settings, and open it.
Step 2: In Settings tap on System Update.
Step 3: Tap on the Gear Icon available on the Top.
Step 4: An select the upgrade you want from the :

1. Super Update.
2. Local Update.

And update your device.

Solution 4: Clear OnePlus Cache and Data.

By this method, all your system cache will be cleared and the phone will scan the fingerprint properly. Follow the steps given below to clear a cache:

Step 1: Turn Off your Device.
Step 2: Now press Volume Down Key and Power Button simultaneously to get into recovery. Leave the Buttons after you get into the recovery menu.
Step 3: Choose Wipe Data and Cache option.
Step 4: In that choose Wipe Cache And Data.
Step 5: Click on Yes and give the confirmation to wipe out the cache.
Step 6: And after the process is completed Reboot your device.

Solution 5: Customer Care

If any of these solutions don’t work then you need to contact customer care and get the help of them to solve your problem. In USA +1 (858) 609-6590 4:00 am – 10:00 pm EDT, Mon to Sun. and Visit this page for more information for OnePlus mobile support.

Hope you guys you will fix your issues for Unable to Scan Fingerprint On OnePlus 7 Pro or Fingerprint Scanner not Working.

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