What is unified daemon? Why Stopped? Disable/Enable: Samsung Mobile

unified daemon manage

I found unified daemon has key features that make sense the other application by updating data and refreshing itself over the widget and more in the apps are Weather, Stock, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Finance app. More from the settings you can customize the settings for unified daemon and manage Data usage and Battery draining issues comes while the unified daemon is enabled.

Normally Cellular or Carrier Data usage take more battery in the background. First, we can test our device by using the Custom settings for Data usage.

Manage unified daemon using Data Allowance

unified daemon manage

Here I will show you the app “unified daemon” will only using Wi-Fi.

Go to the Settings App under the app folder.

Scroll down and find Data Usage, Here you will see the “unified daemon” under the list out app by Data used.

Tap on “unified daemon” and Enable Restrict Background Data.

3 Restrict Backgroud Data refresh

Save the changes by confirming the Ok button.

Completely Disable unified daemon app on android

Open Settings app on Android under the apps folder.

Next, Find Application Manager.

Under the All tab, Tap on “unified daemon”

3 Disable unified-daemon Backgroud Data refresh

Now, Tap on Disable option.

Won’t Disable or Stop unified daemon

unified daemon unable to uninstall or turn off the settings on Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy  Note 4 and Galaxy Note 3. So you can change the app refresh time from the Settings.

Go to the Applications Settings and Find the option for change Refresh interval time.

You are done.

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