How to unlock Samsung galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus: Here’s the fix+

How to unlock Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus remove lock

The locked phone means the phone is locked to network you brought form you cannot use another network until the phone is locked. Suppose if bought the galaxyS10 from AT&T then you could be able to use a Version sim card in your AT&T galaxy S10 if you have done so you would get an errors like “Network not supported. Contact your carrier. The thing will happen with all carrier Version, Sprint, T-Mobile and other subsidiary carriers. By unlocking this you can switch to any other network in your locality according to your convenience. If the phone is locked and you use to travel then it is not possible that every place the network of that carrier and if the phone is unlocked you can change the carrier easily and keep in touch with your loved ones.

How to unlock Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus remove lock

How to unlock Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus remove lock


1: Find a code provider for your phone

As you are not going the carrier company for the unlock code .you need to get the code from the reputable code provider. We suggest you Unlock Unit for this purpose. They provide great customer service.

2: Get the IMEI/IMEID for your galaxyS10

Now the next step is to get your IMEI code and this you can easily get in your phone. Just open your dialer pad and type *#06#and you will receive the code immediately. just write it elsewhere properly. Another way to get the code is just going to Settings About Device or About Phone. You will find the long strings of characters with the box or category that’s your IMEI.

3: Get your code

Go to:

unlock samsung mobile

unlock samsung mobile

The next step is to buy the code. Head over to Unlock Unit select your phone model, and choose the current network of your phone. Then enter IMEI code in IMEI box and enter email id in the email box. email address is important because the code will be sent there only.

4: Use your new SIM card

Now with that received code, you can use the new sim card. Just down your phone and change the sim card.

5: Enter the Unlock Code

Start your phone. Once your phone is started the option will be visible that Enter Your Network Unlock Code. you can get this code from an email received from Unlock Unit. Enter it in the box visible and the press enters or send button. Congratulations your phone is now unlocked and now you can use any other network of your choice and convince.

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