How to update OnePlus 6t/OnePlus 6 with latest Android OS: Step by Step guide

Update the System with Latest Oxygen OS on your OnePlus 6t or OnePlu 6. Here are two alternative techniques that help to update your android mobile. Some Android users have a query and Worried about the costly mobile data plan. Sometimes we have more than one OnePlus device, Let’s find the tips that save your time in download Android first of all. Then install on each one separately one by one.

This article also helps in if you are getting the error on downloading software or Installing recently downloaded android on your Mobile. By Default, We can’t download New available Android software on Cellular Data or Mobile Data that Prevents from Overcharge our Carrier Bill and Slow speed internet issue. Unable to find Latest Update on OnePlus 6/ OnePlus 6t, Installation Failed on OnePlus 6t.

Note: For Download Latest Android Version, We must need Wi-Fi connection it’s either WiFi or Personal Hotspot connection.

Two Methods – for Upgrade OnePlus 6t/ OnePlus 6 android mobile: Oxygen OS

OnePlus 6t Update Android


Method 1: Over WiFi, Download & Install OnePlus

  1. Open Settings app on your Mobile. (Swipe down your finger from the top and Find Settings gear icon/ Find Settings app on your mobile home screen).
  2. Next, Tap on General > About Phone.
  3. Then, Scroll to end and Tap on check for update. Available Update will show on your OnePlus 6t mobile screen. Start Downloading at the same time and Wait until download complete. Then install Android, In this process, your mobile will reboot several time.
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Method 2: Upgrade System on OnePlus 6t and OnePlus 6

  1. Go to this page and Download Latest Version of Android Build. (General Bug Fix and Improvements are included in latest Version on Android OS)

For Other Android OnePlus 5t, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3t, OnePlus 5, OnePlus X, OnePlus 2Find Software Update here.

Official Build OnePlus 6t software update

Precautions: Before your data erased or lost after update. Backup your Device or copy all data that saved on local storage or External Storage

  1. Now connect your OnePlus to your Computer and copy .zip file on your OnePlus’s Storage. For Mac, Download Android File transfer and access your OnePlus Phone storage on your Mac. Move .zip file using this method on Mac.
  2. After Zip file copied to your Phone’s storage, Go to the Settings app on OnePlus.
  3. Next, Tap on System Update > Tap on Settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Local Upgrade”. Now, Tap on .zip file and install file after confirm.
  5. Installation takes a few minutes to complete the process. In the Whole installation, your mobile will reboot several times.

Most of the case you need to update Android OS for the repair assistance or increase the performance and features in your old mobile.

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Official Repair Assistance for OnePlus 6t/ OnePlus 6

Get amazing Support from Oneplus customer desk. Here’s the full guide on how to get a free appointment for the device repair and solutions about your OnePlus 6 troubleshooting.

OnePlus Repair tips and guide

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