How to Upgrade Google drive storage space: Upgrade or Downgrade

Upgrade Google drive storage space on Web or iPhone/ iPad

Online cloud by Google, Google drive has a Power full features, Most secure and easy to operate on all mostly of the devices. Cheapest cloud storage in all time available in all countries worldwide in cheapest price rate. People who want large free storage on first free sign up I would like to recommend Google drive is the best option, and then anytime Upgrade google drive storage space and Downgrade more easy from anywhere. Some free promotional offer always gives big option to expanded storage space on your credit.

Here I explained about free storage space on google drive in free sign up, Available options for buy more storage space or Downgrade when not in use from your PC/ Laptop or iPhone/ iPad and Android gadgets as well.

Upgrade Google drive storage space on Web or iPhone/ iPad

Steps for Upgrade Google drive storage space: Downgrade any time

Google also offer plans depends on users requirements, like personal use or Business use.

Google Drive for Personal Use

First free sign up your will get 15GB free storage, after that you can upgrade it depends on your requirements by pay for monthly subscription (100GB in $1.99, 1 TB in $9.99, 10 TB in $99.99, 20 TB in $199.99, 30 TB in $299.99). Any time you can downgrade or stop as per Google policy. Price may be vary to know latest price go here

You can buy storage space from Web or on your iPhone/ iPad/ Mobile

Login your google account > Selecte Storage Plan > Click on Choose > Enter your Payment details (Pay with Credit card, PayPal or Bank account (For USA and UK users only)).

Google Drive for Business use

Business plans are very interesting and easy to use it security under the single privacy, Number of users you can add for use Google drive cloud. On that storage you can use it for App data store.

Check current storage: Sign In google Account > Go to the Google Admin console > Users > Drive Storage and Total storage > Add more column by click on three vertical dots > Choose select columns.

Downgrade Storage Plan, or Cancel it

Go to the Storage page > Choose lower plans (Storage) or Free for cancel current purchased plan. On the process you will get confirmation mail to your mail address and it will be applicable on the next billing cycle.

I always appreciate google drive Upgrade Google drive storage space; Downgrade and cancel compare to other online cloud storage plans.

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