How to use Google Assistant on android mobile, Compatible Devices

Google Assistant by google for mobile

Google is changing the smartphone ecosystem in the world wide right now from Google assistant.   It’s free for the Android device is running on Android nougat (7.0) or Marshmallow (6.0).  Show the all pixel and pixel XL user and other millions of device running on Marshmallow can be able to use this Google Assistant features are on your cell phones.  Android wear bring this google assistant feature in your watch to find out the searching stuff directly from your watch without unlock your device.

Google assistant is a very smart techniques to do your job using your voice in natural language and find the photograph done your settings changes and find the nearby location search terms in Google search,  weather unlock your smartphone, translate language, get direction on map, set different and perform various task not messages, mail and more.

Google Assistant by google for mobile

When Google Assistant available in my Android phone?

After announcement by Google on Google assistant Android assistant available will be available after week in your Android and uninstall device.

How to get or Download Google Assistant?

If you are not able to download Google assistant services on your Android smartphone and keep installed Google Play service in your Android mobile or Tablet from Play Store when it will available for your location and you will get notification on Google assistant. First Google launched the Google assistant in the US primary English countries and others of other languages like French Chinese German Italy UK and Canada.

Google assistant in android is perform like Siri in iOS device or Apple Mac devices,  Google Assistant also works with largest boys ecosystem like Alexa Amazon Google home.

Google Assistant supported devices Android watch, Android mobile, at home, in your car. And available soon in many other Voice controlling devices by using open source API available for Google assistant.

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